Quick Hustles

Reading time: 70 – 117 minutes


Surveillance Hustle

SC11LYou don’t have to install security systems as most people just want cameras around their home. If you have basic HandyMan skills you should be able to install this for them. Most of the new systems come with wifi so you don’t need to wire the outside of the house. Unless you are wiring Tony Montana’s house you shouldn’t have more than 5 cameras at the most to install.


  1. There has to be a place to learn how to install cameras on your home and when you find it please share it with the R&G.
  2. Again with the Handyman package you can throw this in with the Ceiling Fan and Electrical Outlet hustles.
  3. Check online as people are already doing this install and you can get your prices from them.
  4. Come up with a HOOD package as anyone with security doors will probably want a simple package.


  1. Security/Surveillance leads to all kinds of different products that can be used to secure inside and outside. Keep your eyes open as you install as you’ll stumble across them.

BottomLine: Everyone wants cameras on their house and now with WIFI you don’t need all the wires. People want to view their house and feel they have a potential robbery on tape.

Electrical Outlet Hustle

01-outlet-termsIn the same vein as the Ceiling Fan angle you have the Electrical Outlet Hustle. Older homes don’t have 3 prong outlets and they have to be replaced. Also, any outlet near water needs to have a GFCI outlet so the outlet will shut off if water is present. Again this could easily be learned from a class at Home Depot. I suggest you combine this hustle with your HandyMan package.


  1. Learn how to install outlets from Home Depot as you don’t want to mess with electricity.
  2. Learn the difference between a regular outlet and GFCI.
  3. Combine this with the other HandyMan hustles like the ceiling fan installation and security.
  4. Create flyers and put them on the outside of the mailbox and tie down with a rubberband.
  5. Get a uniform as you are walking in someone’s house so look like a business.


  1. Do a Outlet package as most places need at least 20 outlets to b e replaced.
  2. Buy in bulk as you get a cheaper deal.
  3. Look for old homes and old neighborhoods as sometimes they just have a extension chord.

BottomLine: Just another HandyMan hustle that can be pulled from the HandyMan and you can capitalize on. Set the prices on a per outlet basis as $5 bucks a outlet is cheap but 22 of them equals $110 bucks.

Ceiling Fan Hustle

Ceiling-Fan-Downrod-4C2__V188078327_SX300_SCLZZZZZZZ_It’s simple enough but most people are scared to touch anything that has to do with electricity. I’ve seen people charge $35 bucks per ceiling fan to install them. Besides knowing basic wiring this is another Handy Hustle that is seasonal and could be done on the weekend.


  1. Actually learn how to install a ceiling fan. Home Depot has classes on it if you go down and learn from them.
  2. Get about 500 basic flyers calling yourself Mr. Cooldown and tell them you can put up ceiling fans in their house.
  3. Put the price on the flyer real BIG so they see the money.
  4. Walk neighborhoods and put them on the outside of the mailbox with a rubberband.


  1. Find out the prices of cheap ceiling fans and offer the whole package of fans and installation.
  2. When you take down lights in the houses ask if you can keep them and try to sell them on Ebay for extra money.
  3. Your in the house move on to other simple electrical installations like wall sockets.

BottomLine: This really is simple as you’ve probably did it for yourself with no problems. Why not pick up the extra money before Summer hits.

Ice Scraper Hustle

Plastic_Popular_Ice_ScraperThe first frost should’ve come down for you if you are on the East or the Midwest. That means most of you know that people will be unprepared for the coming winter months. Now this Ice Scraper ain’t really nothing new but it is one of those things that are lost, forgotten or destroyed every year. So why not supply them with what they know they will need. It’s a another alibaba special!


  1. Source the ice scrapers from Alibaba for about 40 to 50 cents a piece
  2. (Click Here)
  3. They will probably send you some with other names on it, but who cares.
  4. Order small amounts like 100 to 200.
  5. Get a premium kind with a rubber handle so you can price them at about 5 bucks a pop.


  1. Supply, supply, supply – Most outdoor parking garages, liquor stores and the like could upsale them.
  2. Rally some little kids and get them to sell them door to door and give them a buck per sale.

BottomLine: I know you say they can just warm up their car. I know you’ll say they can use a george foreman grill spatula (like me). But, it’s one of those caught out there without a umbrella kind of items. So supply it don’t deny it!

Extra: The one with the glove is a innovation to the Hustle. It makes perfect sense as you don’t want any cold ass ice scrapings on your hand. Shit, they even have one with a Santa Claus hat on it just in time for Xmas!

Meetup Hustle

meetuplogo_largeAll over the country right now there are people meeting through Meetup.com for whatever they may like to do. That can be eating, skiing, running, jumping and sewing.  The ability to bring people together and then focus that into one establishment is where the true money lies. This Hustle is definitely for the Socialite, Early Party Promoter and Travel Agent.


  1. Create a Meetup about what you want to promote whether that be reading, socializing and even drinking.
  2. Be Patient and build up a following of people who you can count on to show up.
  3. Meetup at unique and different places so people have a reason to keep coming.
  4. Once you reach maybe 100 people start negotiating with the restaurants, clubs and any other venue and see if you can make money off the drinks everyone orders.
  5. If you do this right you might get a contract from the club for a off night


  1. Create multiple meetups and have them all meet at the same place so you can focus your crowd.
  2. Sell T-shirts with the meetup names on them for extra dough
  3. Charge a donation fee or membership fee
  4. Make the meetup bigger and bigger by telling everyone to bring a friend and they’ll get a discount on drinks or the like.
  5. If you are in real estate, travel agent or any other thing where you need new clients you have created a customer base.

BottomLine: Now this Hustle is definitely for the outgoing kind of kat as you have to rally people. If you are boring and don’t have a little bit of gift of gab then you will find that it will fail. Right now I see this Hustle especially in cities where people don’t have anything to do. The key to the Meetup is people want to do something and they want to meet new people. If you create the atmosphere with the right venue you’ll create a money source and have fun doing it.

Extra: Make sure you call the restaurants and clubs and give them the heads up about the number of people coming. Bad service by the venue you choose could mess up your chips. So think ahead!

Earpod (Iphone) Hustle

New_Color_Apple_EarPods_with_Remote_Mic_Color_earphone_earbuds_for_iphone_5This Hustle comes to me from one of the Hustlers who emailed me on backchannels and I agree it’s lovely! Basically Ipone 5 earpods usually die within 6 months of purchase so there is a market for their replacements.   Ipod 5 headphones come in multiple models AAA, AA, A, B and C but the average person can’t tell the difference. Now this hustle fits the small item, small packaging big money model for your great side hustles.


  1. Source the Earpods from Alibaba for as much as 1 buck per package
  2. (Click Here)
  3. Make sure to tell the manufacturer not to put them in Apple packaging so you can avoid customs confiscating counterfeit!
  4. Order small runs of maybe 100 to 200 and put them on sale up on ebay.
  5. Price them at $5 bucks a pop as they retail for $20 in the apple store.


  1. Since there are so many colors and Iphones you could literally make a store from the pods and connectors
  2. You could wholesale them to the street vendors for $2 bucks and just move inventory
  3. You could open up a street stand near a financial area and really make a killing.

BottomLine: Earphones are just that earphones unless you have a brand name on them and then it becomes counterfeit. So by all means avoid it as these aren’t beat by dre headphones. Most of your regular customers just want something compatible and will pay good money for functionality.

The lesson here to remember is whenever someone drops a exclusive product. Meaning you have to buy their headphones and their other items to work with their main product… there is a big market to hustle with. China will always work on those side products as the accessories is where the money is.

Outlet Mall Hustle

tumblr_l08ffltvcz1qa2j8co1_500This one is simple but I never thought of it as I picked it up from reading another kat’s blog! Simply put all outlet malls sell their products for discounted prices so of course there’s a automatic market to buy them full price. When I was at a Macy’s Furniture Outlet store to pick up something the lady there told me I was lucky as other discount furniture places run in there and buy everything to resale it. The only reason why I went to Macy’s is because the furniture is better quality but the outlet sold it for cheaper. I guess I just dismissed it since I wasn’t worried about resale furniture but I didn’t apply the angle across all things.

Basically all you are doing is going to a outlet mall and buying some popular items like Coach purses, Brooks Brothers ties and Burberry whatevers. Then you sell them on ebay or craigslist for full price. Shit, they even list what the full price usually is on the sticker. And, instead of having bootleg shit that people are scared of you’ll really have the authentic item.


  1. Find out what products people come to the outlet mall for ie.. purses,jewelry,watches and name brand clothes.
  2. Buy 5 to 10 of the same item at first knowing this one will sell
  3. Expand to other items that you know sell and pick those up.
  4. Sell them all on Ebay and Craigslist and take a picture of the proof that the items are authentic.


  1. Like I said the hustle actually works on bigger items if you want to push furniture.
  2. The items are really limitless as you can set up a whole store basically supplying outlet clothes to people who never will get that item.
  3. Don’t worry too much about things being out of season most people coming to the outlets know it might be last years style. But, people on the Internet won’t really know so they should move.

BottomLine: You could be making about 2 to 3K a month on this outlet resale angle. Also, remember most people only go to the outlet stores maybe once a month so it’s not like they’ll really know. You could pretty much open a store front buying these items. The Key is picking the right items and you’ll have to do some research to know what people really want.

Wipe Me Down Towel Hustle

mission-enduracool-instant-cooling-mesh-towel-2-pack-d-20130416170653733~247628This is Face Towel hustle 2.0 and with a new name as it makes me laugh calling them wipe me down towels. Basically they have come out with a new face towel to cool you off. All you have to do is wet it and snap it and it stays cool. If you have the NFL channel you’ll see this commercial a whole hell of a lot as they are selling them at Lowes for like $15 bucks.

But, since I’m your boy who got the connection and direction to get them on the cheap why not take over the hustle and rename them. Not I know it’s mid-July but you can put these in your backpocket for next summer. Or if you stay in Vegas or Phoenix area then you might have another 3 months of Hell Hot.


  1. Go to alibaba.com –> http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?fsb=y&IndexArea=product_en&CatId=&SearchText=cool+towels
  2. There are multiple vendors who sell these towels for it seems like .15 to $1 buck a piece.
  3. I would order a sample first to make sure they are what they say they are.
  4. I would probably order 200 to start and get the clientele up on the streets.


  1. Perfect compliment to a bottle of water as the water activates the chemical reaction making the towel cooler than usual.
  2. Could be sold to whole high school football, basketball and any sports team if you can put their logo on them.
  3. Basically a improvement on the face towel hustle

BottomLine – Since Lowes is selling them for $15 bucks a pop the market could be five dollars on the street and if you really don’t care you can combo them with a bottle water.

Junk Car Hustle

cash-for-junk-cars-dallas-4You’ve seen those signs on the side of the road saying we buy junk cars. I used to think it was places like pick a part or some kind of pull your own pieces junk yards behind it. Well, it is and it isn’t! Basically the whole hustle boils down to tow truck companies making extra money on the side by paying you 50 to 100 bucks to move it and then taking it to scrap yard where they’ll pay 300 to 400 or more depending on the car.

It’s really not a hard hustle to execute once you find the junk yard / scrap yard that will buy them. It’s not like you really have to worry about if the shit is running but you should check the papers.


  1. You will need a tow truck or some kind of tow apparatus you can hitch to the back of your car.  Sometimes these cars are in the backyard collecting rust and dust.
  2. You need basic skills to know how to secure a car so you don’t have it slipping and sliding all over the place.
  3. You need to put some lawn signs or flyers in neighborhoods where people need money and can’t afford to fix their car.


  1. It’ll help you pay for your tow truck that you bought or leased as this is nothing but pickups.
  2. If you do this right you’ll probably be making a 1000 a week off of nothing but receiving calls.

Bottomline: Besides the obvious of getting a tow truck this is nothing but driving cars to the junkyard. In this recession the signs are up because people want to get some extra cash for rent or whatever.

 Hand Warmer Hustle

Again, what do people want when they are cold????… they want to get hot! These hand warmer packets are small quick hustles you can sell if you live in a cold climate. If you see anyone standing in line on a cold day.  Or to anyone who has to work outside during the winter months.  It’s already prepackaged so it’s a get it and go kind of hustle


  1. Contact Grabber at www.warmers.com and order you 2 packs of 40 or however much you think you can sell.
  2. Buy In bulk and get them for about 56 cents each! http://www.warmers.com/Category.aspx?Cat=74&vis=0
  3. Sell them for 2 to 3 dollars a pack
  4. They have FREE ground shipping so no shipping costs


  1. Grabber also sells body warmer and foot warmers if you think you can push it.
  2. If you don’t sell out you can sell these on the corner pretty much on any cold ass day.

BottomLine: The whole hustle will probably cost you about 70 bucks in total. But, the profit off of 80 warmers being sold is 90 to 170 bucks. So if you sell out but you have 10 boxes you can drive to the next spot and sell more. If you live in cold weather period then this is just another side hustle you can capitalize on whenever you see people standing in line.

Face Towel Hustle

I was on 89th and Dan Ryan eating at Harolds and I saw these cats hustling Face Towels. Now for my folks who don’t live in humid places this shit is shocking just like it was to me. But, when I was living in Baltimore, Philly and New York a lot of cats kept cool by having a wet/moist face towel on their head. It cooled them down and wiped the sweat from their face.  Now I knew the need for them but I never saw anyone actually selling them until this past weekend. Then I thought to myself GENUIS!

Basically the cats are selling a bundle of face towels in the middle of the street with a water in the other hand. The reasoning behind it is most people (especially women) do not want you to ruin their good towels wiping your face. So they would rather buy them from a cat on the street in a bundle and give them to their kids.  Most of the towels are throwaways after a certain amount of use anyway. So the price is affordable and it solves a problem of needing to cool down.


  1. Buy the face towels (high quality) for 3.50 to 4 bucks wholesale for 6. Or you can probably find cheaper quality towels 12 for 4.50!
  2. Sell 6 to a bundle for 5 bucks in the middle of the street..
  3. Set the price at 5 bucks a bundle as that’s the going rate.
  4. Have the towels in one hand and bottled water in the other as a package deal.


  1. Change the colors of the towels offered to reflect seasons and holidays.
  2. When I saw it all I thought about was wetting them, rolling them up and selling them ice cold
  3. Keep the rolled face towels in a small cooler you carry on your back.
  4. Hand them a cold one along with a water and you have the perfect humidity beating angle.

BottomLine: It’s just another simple addition to the Water Hustle that could be beneficial when you’re on the street trying to keep that cash flowing.


Ticket Hustle

 The angle is as easy as it sounds as you buy tickets for a event and then you resell them closer to when the actual event comes around. The basics of it this is exactly the model that Ticketmaster uses by buying up tickets early and then reselling them. I don’t see why you can’t come up off of it in the same fashion.

Now of course in some states you have regulations and laws against selling tickets but since you aren’t on the street scalping them they are minimal. Even if you are on the street  ticket resellers may conduct business on nearby sidewalks, or advertise through newspaper ads or ticket brokers.

Some U.S. states and venues encourage a designated area for resellers to stand in, on, or near the premises, while other states and venues prohibit ticket resale altogether. Resale laws, policies and practices are generally decided, practiced and governed at the local or even venue level in the U.S. and such laws and or interpretations are not currently generalized at a national level.


  1. Buy tickets from the concert promoter directly or ticketmaster
  2. Look for concerts that are most likely to be sold out.
  3. List tickets and price on craigslist or ebay.
  4. Determine the percentage you want to make off of them.


  1. Keep at it and you’ll create Ticketmaster
  2. There’s always a niche for smaller venues so if you keep in touch with promoters they’ll probably off load some tickets to surprise events.

This is another quick cash angle that I know will work primarily because of  the circle of influence you might already have. So when Jay-Z or Lady Gaga comes to town you can not only sell them to your friends but sell them on craigslist or on ebay. When I was in Pittsburgh I bought my Steeler tickets online from a cat who said he had good seats. The only law against it seems to be being on the street otherwise the hustle seems easy to execute. I ended up with tickets on the 40 yard line at Heinz Field.

Photography Backdrop Hustle

I know you’ve seen them if you ever been to a club. Some cat is the photographer taking pictures while women or brothers are posing in front of a airbrushed benz. Most grad nights definitely have someone taking a picture. I figure for any of you cats who got a little bit of a photography bug in you this should be something you can negotiate your way into. Besides that you get to meet all the women in the club as they’ll stand around looking at it thinking about. So to me it’s a no brainer money, women and free access to the club!

Setup:  All you need is a Camera (High Resolution Digital Camera), Backdrop made of either Cloth or Vinyl .. cost about $69 bucks for a 10 x10 backdrop,Fast printer and Charge $10-20 for the picture and even more if more people jump in the final photo.

Parlay: Most cats only think about this for the club but it can be done at vacation spots, for family photos, for sweet 16 parties, carnivals, high school homecoming dances, frat parties, fake red carpet events and any place you see tourists!

Wherever people are in a festive mood you probably will come up. Most people only use this in hip hop clubs but I’m sure the same Hustle will work in just about any club or bar scene. Remember all this angle really is like the photo they take at Six Flags as people want something to remember the times they were there.

Moving Hustle

Every apartment, every dorm room and every college area all have people who are moving who don’t want to take their stuff with them. Beds are going for 100 bucks, couches for 50 bucks and even a bowflex for 75 if you would just pick them up! This is one of those get into the apartment buildings near a big college or a big condo complex or a big apartment building and see what’s posted near the mailbox. You’ll see people put it up on Craigslist but if you go to the apartments you’ll find more desperate people as they want it all gone before they have to move away. They don’t even want to lug the big bowflex into their moving van.

Setup: Find out where most of your young people live. College cats are dumping things on the side of the road when they leave! Get yourself a small pickup as most of the stuff is not big. Go rent someone’s garage instead of paying for storage. Make low ball offers on everything especially towards the end of the month as they will give you the whole damn apartment for 100 bucks.

Parlay: Take all the small things like electronics to the pawn shop and move that stuff fast. Set up a yard sale on someone else’s yard or some abandoned gas station and tell people you will provide delivery to their house. Rent a small retail space and name it something like NEW ITEMS and keep bringing in more and more items.

I see this hustle everyday but no one ever pieces it together. People are not going to take this stuff with them as you’ll see a million microwaves thrown in the trash. You’re going to get some deals especially when they got some big ol couches and furniture sets or are moving out of the state. You got to get your pick up or your boy with a pick up and get all this stuff moved. Remember what you paid for everything and damn near double it as most people are selling stuff for pennies!

Yard Sale Hustle

Some of you have enough time to do this and it fits perfect into this recession. Right now, in this recession; there are people who are shopping for bargains and at the same time there are people getting rid of the crap in their house. So the opportunity for you is to pretty much bargain shop other people’s crap and resell it at your yard sale. If you have a eye for items that can be resold at a profit you can double your money in a week!

Setup: Find out where all the Yard Sales are going on in your area. Try to find yard sales in more well to do area (they will sell more valuable things for cheap as they don’t need the money and they are just selling clutter) Get some signs pointing out that your yard sale is going on. Set up all your items for sale in a display fashion so people will feel like something is being sold to them. Make sure you intermingle high showy products with the crap that has to be moved. Make some 3 for 1 baskets like a grab bag saying any three for 1 buck (this is how Wal-Mart started) as people will buy anything for a buck since they are there. Offer refreshments for a dollar like cans of soda and little bags of chips as additional chip$.. Set up a video game console that kids can play while their parents look for bargains. Stand in front of your items looking at them as cars go by to give the impression that you are a shopper too instead of being the seller waiting for someone to stop.

Parlay: Take the Yard Sale Hustle to a flea market near you and make a brand name for yourself. Call it ReGifters and claim you are selling returned and rarely used gifts. Try to get there at the end of Yard Sales as most people just want the crap off of their yard and out of their house so you might buy a bunch of crap for 5 bucks if you would take it from them. Donate the clothes that can’t be sold to Salvation Army and use it as a tax write off in your own taxes.

Hustle: Collect and Resale the items that can make you money on and donate the others as a tax write off. You can probably make 50% profit off of every item picked up as people don’t know what things are really worth at a yard sale.

Gatorade Hustle

Why NOT? Now that the bottled water angle is saturated why not upgrade the same Water Hustle with Gatorade.  Adding more variety to a watered down Hustle adds new clientele and some innovation to something everyone sees everyday.  Ok Gatorade is not exactly Coca-Cola to the game but it sure will make people take notice and probably be willing to choose you for your variety.

Setup: Buy a case of Gatorade, Buy a cooler and fill it up with Ice, Find the best intersection with the most traffic or a long left turn signal, Be funny and fast to your customers. Stick to the Blue,Red & Orange Gatorade as those are the normal ones everyone uses plus they look like a fruit drink.

Parlay: Put up signs letting people know Water & Gatorade is ahead, Put on a light blue uniform, Sell bigger bottles of water for the same $1 if you start to have competition, Of course get more people and take over a whole intersection and get all the money. If you want to be funny with it put up a sign that says it has Electrolytes.

Hustle: On a hot day this Hustle will definitely work.  If you are near gyms or really any place where people have to walk all day like a downtown they will appreciate the variety.

Card Collector Hustle

This Hustle is easier than you think and if you really concentrate you can make a lot of money! Besides the Collectible shows, and local trades to other Card shops you can also sell them on Ebay. With a minimum buy in of 40-100 dollars you can easily make that back and then more. All it takes is for you to find that one card worth $500 and it will be worth it right there. In most boxes you will find a lot of lower value cards that will eventually add up. This Hustle if done right can bring in close to 2K a month once you get the system down packed.


  • Buy a subscription to Beckett Magazine so you can find the value of cards
  • Determine which manufacturers of cards are worth the most
  • Go to Sam’s Club or any other big warehouse and buy a couple of boxes
  • Go online and find a company that will validate the quality of your cards
  • Send you cards to be verified, and they will send them back with a certificate
  • Sell these cards online, card shows, and to other card shops for good money


  • Get your vendors license and become a supplier by dealing with card companies directly
  • Go to Auctions and see if you can auction off your cards
  • Create a online store for cards
  • Think local for your cards, because your home teams cards will sell better

Hustle: I have a ton of cards myself when I started collecting. Now I have cards that are worth 5K and even some I didn’t know I had are there. I would say I can sell all my cards and get about 50 to 60K for the whole collection. Now if I had only thought about selling them and making a quick profit I would have had the 50 -60K a while ago and still probably been holding onto the good cards for resale. Don’t miss out on this passive hustle!

Fruit Stand Hustle

It’s healthy, it’s cheap, and people want it everyday. I first saw this Hustle some years back in Philadelphia but it has turned into a California favorite. On every corner in Los Angeles you will see someone chopping fruit up for you and giving you a variety of fruit for only $3 dollars. Fruit is cheap to buy and when you chop it up you get like 4 servings out of it. So the money can add up quickly. This Hustle is all about location so get downtown around the business parks.


  • Rent a food cart
  • Buy a assortment of fruit
  • Get some ice
  • Get a chopping board and a good knife
  • Bring the napkins, forks and some ziploc bags


  • Organize a team of fruit stands and make a name brand for them like the hot dog hustle
  • Come up with different assortments that are good for energy and crap like that
  • If you got electricity blend a fresh fruit smoothie

Hustle: This Hustle works and if you happen to be in LA you will see how much it works because they are everywhere. You can probably chop up 300 bags a day and most of the fruit will keep fresh for a couple of days if you take care of it. This healthy food kick the country is on is putting money in the Fruit Stand Hustlers pockets.

Pallet Hustle!

You’ve seen them behind factories in abandoned fields and wherever you happen to find a big rig. A pallet is the wooden platform that is used all over the country to transport goods. The pallet is usually constructed of cheap wood nailed in a fashion that makes it accessible for a forklift and packaging for international travel.  People are surprised to find out that most people just throw pallets away and that the majority of pallets used are used and recycled. There are 3 times more used pallets in use than new pallets used in commerce.

Setup: You will need a pickup truck so you can stack them.

  • You will need basic nails and hammer to fix broken pallets.
  • Contact all factories in your area to see if you can provide them with free pallet pickup. You will find they will give them to you for free.
  • Contact CFS (container freight stations) and truckers to see if they need pallets.
  • Most people sell used pallets for 5 bucks each so you should price yours at 3 bucks especially the ones you don’t have to fix.
  • You need to have a place to store the pallets like a field of some sort as more than likely you will accumulate more than you sell in the beginning.
  • You can turn the horrible pieces of wood into firewood or donate them to a local schools wood shop.
  • Develop a business card that offers free pick up of discarded pallets
  • Develop a business card that sells recycled pallets for 3 bucks with a 10 pallet buy in minimum.
  • There are pallet companies that will buy the pallets from you wholesale like a recycling program check your local area here… http://www.palletbuyersguide.com/usa/

Hustle: This requires a pickup truck and some get up and go but pallets are what is used in every transportation transaction. From the pallets used in your supermarket to the pallets used to transport freight to China. They are all made of the same grade wood and since they have so much of it around you it’s a free hustle.

Foreclosure Hustle!

All over this country there are houses that are in foreclosure. There are houses that are abandoned, tagged up and looking like GOD is coming to take them back.  You see them and I see them but how do you make money off of them? Well the first guy to offer to the banks a lawn cutting service you will get money for life. Most banks do not have the resources to keep these houses kept.  The houses become a eyesore to the community and they bring down the property value. They bring down the property value so much that potential buyers get discouraged from buying a foreclosure.

Setup: Lawnmower, edger and hedge clippers.

  • Contact the home loan department of your local bank and ask if you can cut the lawns of their distressed properties.
  • Offer to cut them for 20 bucks a week or 20 bucks twice a month.
  • Get a business card setup that looks like you already do a lot of gardening.
  • Get some coveralls that match the card so it looks like you have a company
  • Set up a company name that the bank can interact with instead of trying to do it as a person. (Check out the post on Sole Proprietorship)
  • You need to stress to them that the houses being unkept will discourage buyers
  • Offer that when you cut the lawns you will let them know if any vagrants or graffiti are on the property.

Hustle: As long as this recession lasts there will be houses to be maintained. The Bank will never come out and cut them for themselves. Literally you will find HUNDREDS of houses to cut. That’s why I wanted you to price it at 20 bucks a house. This way the Bank thinks it’s a super deal. Be clean, be kept and be professional yourself so the Bank Manger who gives you a shot doesn’t feel like he is a hiring a field worker.  It’s a moneymaker made just for this recession.

Curb Serving Hustle!

If you liked spray painting as kid here’s a way to do it legally. In every city as you pull up to people’s houses you can barely read the numbers on the address to their house. They naturally fade over time and are hardly touched up again. With a little bit of hustle and about 100 flyers this can be a quick money maker.

Setup: Total price of buying all the goods is less than $100

  1. Purchase two colors of paint, there are many different combination’s.  The best paint is the reflective white and black highway spray paint.
  2. Purchase 3″ tall template for the numbers and a template for the border.
  3. Approach the homeowner and offer to paint the number. Have a few photographs of different designs in a nice folder to show the customer and also to give them something to pick.
  4. Have flyer’s to put in the doors of people that are not home with your phone number on it. Take couple of your photographs and copy then to your flyer’s, so customers can see your work.
  5. I would say the price range for this service would be between $3 and $10, with $5 being the most likely for success. Accept cash only so the homeowner doesn’t have to give you his personal information that is on their check.

Parlay: In a hood near you most of the streets are neglected so this can be a easy money maker. Come up with designs that you can add onto the curb like a American flag, a Yellow ribbon, a Pink Ribbon as an upsale to the customer to show their pride to their cause.

Hustle:  There is a unlimited amount of houses in your city that need this service done. Sometimes you need a city permit to do it but that only costs about 35 bucks to get. All in this hustle barely costs you 50 bucks to start as you can get the majority of products from Home Depot. So if you still have spray cans from your tagging days here’s the best hustle for you. It’s a money maker!

Teacup Dog Hustle!

People love dogs and recently people love those little teacup dogs. If you look at every pet store in the country they have dogs shivering in the window not because they are cold but because they are not built for this world.  Most of these little dogs are given to little girls or to someone’s girlfriend as gifts. These dogs are quite expensive ranging 700 to 2000 bucks a piece.

Setup: Buy or find someone who has a dog they are willing to breed. These are very small dogs so they won’t take up a lot of space but make sure your landlord allows for teacup dogs. Breed a litter and get all the necessary shots and proof that it’s a pure bred puppy.  Here’s some basics….

  1. Bring the dog to the vet and ask for a breeding exam.
  2. You want her to be between 2-4 years old and that has never had a litter before.
  3. They can have up to three litters but two is best.
  4. Wait about 3-4 heat cycles before her next pregnancy

Parlay: Litters can be up to 12 puppies so start setting up pre-orders on the dogs. Get out to the Girl Scout meetings and put up flyers on their mothers cars.  Hand out flyers at the mall where a bunch of teenage girls are gathered.

Hustle: If you do this right you might get about 1k a dog and that’s 12 to 14K a litter. Even if you have to sell them for half that you will still come out on top. This Hustle is not recession proof but if you really get out there and have them ready for X-mas or Valentines day you might make a quick 10K.

Advertising Hustle!

I was out eating this past weekend and I happened to snap this photo of  someone telling me to buy some bakeware. Now I’ve seen the  hustle where they are twirling signs on the corner but someone took it up a notch and actually attached a pole to the back of their workers with their advertising. This lady right here was walking around the parking lot handing out flyers about it but I thought to myself DAMN how simple can that hustle be to duplicate. Then the next thing I thought was who is supplying them with this basic backpack apparatus to slide advertising on the back. Then I thought this is by far the most cheap and effective advertising one could do if they wanted to start a business. It replaces the old hustle of dressing up in a bum ass costume and dancing like you are coming down from a crack high!

In a earlier podcast I mentioned this hustle that I seen on my daily drives that was so innovative but simple that I just said it but failed to provide pictures and backup so you can do it for yourself. So check out the hustle below and follow the link to the actual company doing it here in LA. It’s so simple that anyone who knows a graphic designer and a couple of these trailers could start a real syndicate of cheap ground level advertising.



Vinyl Banners estimate HERE enter 8 height 4 width

Park Model Billboard Trailers estimate HERE

The basis of this hustle is a trailer, a printer who can make these signs and you towing them into place every morning. The guy charges about 15 bucks a day and  he is advertising for insurance companies, condos, apartments and restaurants. He places them in high traffic areas according to the city ordinances and leaves them there! Damn ain’t no hustle I’ve seen in years that is so ready to go than this one. For you cats that can put 2 + 2 together then you know this hustle is probably a 2k start up with a graphic designer. Check out the website and the instructions he has provided on the website.

Grand Hustle: Combine the Street Trailer advertising with the Backflag advertising and you have a full scale suite of advertising for a small business. This is a small layout for even the smallest of companies and with a small hitch on the back of a honda civic you can place these each morning and make some real dough. I’m sticking this hustle in my back pocket because this would be great advertising for my own business. Cheap, Effective and Easy to do!

Bootleg Oldies Hustle!

Yeah this one falls under illegal hustles but when I was in Philly a cat was cleaning up on it. Now all these oldies from Motown and the like are very hard to find for the cats who old enough to really enjoy them. Now I saw this exact Hustle in North Philly and in Harlem where they would take and make a compilation of all these old songs and create special mixes. In Harlem they actually took Malcolm X speeches and sold them on CD with books. Now I called it Bootleg Oldies but really the Hustle is any rare music and speeches hustle.


  • Get a pack of CD’s and get to burnin!
  • Look on the internet for a list of the top hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s
  • Setup a CD on demand service that you will burn a special CD just for them.
  • Get yourself a CD carrying case where your customers can see what you got
  • Your main customers will be at the barbershop, beauty salons and after church lets out.
  • Be clean so the illegal hustle looks respectable instead of looking like you ducking from people


  • Get yourself a street booth and push speeches too. (The police don’t usually bother people who burn CD’s instead of selling bootlegs of what’s already out there.)
  • Create special CD’s for the holidays with a special mix compilation.
  • Do not limit yourself to just R&B and Soul as many of other races wish they can find the Rock music of their youth.
  • See if you can pick up some hard to find books and add that to your suite of goods.

Remember there is a whole generation of cats who don’t know how to burn CD’s and would love for someone to get their hard to find music to them. This Hustle is a hustle of last resort but few if any really get a system down. Don’t be afraid to go into different races barbershops and beauty salons to find out what they like. Some cats like certain types of oldies that they can cruise in their lowriders. Also, don’t sweat the Po-Po’s because they don’t usually bother looking at people who burn their own CD’s.

Cat Post Hustle!

I know, I know you are saying FreeMan got us trying to make money on anything and everything. All I can say to that is Yep, until you come up with your own way out way of making money I’ll put you on to what I see out here. I was at the Laundromat keeping the whites white and I looked on the message board and I saw a ballsy hustle. I knew this recession would pull some creativity out of people and I love to see it. So here we have the cat post hustle.

Setup: Here is a list of the supplies needed (These supplies can be purchased at any building supply store).

  • One cedar post that is about 30″ tall and at least 4″ in diameter
  • A bundle of non-oiled sisal rope measuring a 1/2″ wide
  • A piece of 3/4″ plywood to make the base sturdy (at least 16 x 16 diameter)
  • 1/2″ roofing nails
  • Four 3/4″ 16d coated sinker nails

Before beginning you will want to make sure your post is dry so that there will not be any shrinking of the post after the sisal is wrapped on. To make the post you might want to wear a pair of work gloves when you wrap the sisal around the post. To start you will want to nail the beginning of your rope all the way around the top of the post. Then you wind the rope around and around and around the post very tightly so that there is no air space between the pieces of rope. This process will take you all th e way down to the bottom, once again nail the end of your rope all the way around the bottom of the post. Next you will want to nail the base on to the post, use about four nails and pound them through the bottom of the plywood base and into the bottom of the post.

The reasoning behind this cat post is simple. A post should be as high as your cat is tall when he is fully stretched out plus a few inches. The post should also be wide enough that your cat can sit on top and survey his surroundings. The base should be sturdy enough that the post will not tip over. Once a post tips over on a cat it is very hard to convince a cat to use the post again. The post should be wrapped with sisal rope because cats like something to dig their nails into.

  1. First to make this thing shouldn’t cost you hardly any money.
  2. Customers are just about anyone (especially women) who have cats. I would look to big apartment or condo building because they always allow cats.
  3. Easy to make per order so you don’t have to have any real inventory

Parlay: Now I’ve seen this exact one I used for this picture for sale for 75 bucks. I doubt if it costs you 20 bucks to make and you can sidestep most of the pet stores. If you are handy are will try to be handy you can construct this in no time. Make some to order and use the colors that people like and you can get more customers.

Extra: I would try to find a way to make the post look like regular furniture so people can have it around their living room.

Greeting Card Hustle!

Now you can write love letters on your cards and I’m sure they would work. Everyone I know spends tons and tons of time looking for the perfect card but I have yet to meet someone with enough Hustle to make one made to order. I mean someone who will find out what that person is trying to say and put that in the card. I love this Hustle for a lot of you artsy poetry writing sucker for love brothers who know how to put sugar on stuff. Now just because I think it’s a sweet Hustle doesn’t mean it won’t make money.


  1. Purchase or download a computer greeting card program. These programs have preset greeting card templates, allowing you to choose your own clip art and personalize a greeting.
  2. If you have your photos scanned or developed onto a disk, check the disk for bonus clip art or graphics programs. Companies such as Kodak and Adobe offer free trial or limited edition versions of their greeting card programs on these disks.
  3. Check your scanner software for a greeting card or printing program. Many scanners have these programs bundled onto their setup disks.
  4. Visit shareware or freeware sites that allow you to try out or download programs for free. If you want a basic greeting card program you may find just what they’re available for free

Parlay: I know I would buy one if you catered it towards Men trying to impress women. I don’t have the time nor the creativity to write letters so I usually cop out and go to Walgreens to get something.

  1. Make it a personal service that cats can tell you what they want to say probably online.
  2. Setup a full delivery service where they can approve the card and you’ll send it out for them.
  3. Setup a service where you will send them out on every holiday for them if they pay for that service.
  4. Keep your prices just above the price they would pay for at the Drugstore (within 30%)

Hustle: I know some of you crafty folk can do this on your computer but for the rest of us we aren’t going to do it ever. I would love a service that would send birthday cards to all of my family automatically. I would love a service that had some ready made love letters or cards that I can get sent to a girl for some points. If you are creative like this I think this is a simple hustle to execute and a very low buy in.

Drunk Bar Hustle!

I used to work for a place that would put coin-op video games in bars all over LA. Now the coin-op angle has dried up since the Xbox but that damn video poker crap that sits on top of the table is still a money maker. Depending on where you live and where you can be these tabletop games clean up big time. Most of the bars that are real dives and I mean places where drunks stumble out are your potential clients.  These drunks are trying to avoid going home to their wives and they will play Megatouch forever. If you live in a town where you have blue collar workers this will be a money maker.


  • Look for used Megatouch machines on Craigslist.
  • Find a technician from ITT tech who can fix these machines when they break down
  • Set up a 50/50 split with the bar owner and count the money in front of him/her so they know you are on the up and up.
  • Once you are in the game go from bar to bar seeing if you can setup 1 or 2.
  • Get a list of all the bars in your neighborhood and areas where you are willing to drive.
  • Get a coin counter and some coin bags from the bank because it’s the money that jingles not the money that crinkles.


  • Look for better machines that accept dollars and credit cards
  • Expand your territory
  • Resell the old machines to people who have a Man Cave in their house as they would love to have one

Hustle: This is a old hustle that was dying when it came to video games but this video poker stuff is still at plenty of bars and Happy Hour spots. You don’t have to have the newest machines as they all have the basic same games so don’t overspend. Place a couple of these and you will have a constant source of money and the bar owners will be happy for the additional revenue.

Snow Shovel Hustle!

Snow ShovelEvery winter someone needs help getting their car out of the Snow. Now this is probably the best Seasonal Hustle in the world. If you happen to live in a big city where people have to get out to work in the morning you will make a killing. Depending on how much they need you to do whether it be the whole driveway, just their car, or just the sidewalk everyone will pay. I’ve seen people pay $25 dollars just to get their car out from under the snow. Play it by ear on how much you charge people but remember most people would rather have you do it than them.

Setup: A Snow Shovel, Waking up early to get the cars out before they have to go to work, A strong back and a strong heart (Don’t die out there), Get those refrigerator magnets and put your number on those, people will keep them.

Parlay: If you can get a snow blower you will really clean up, Organize the kids in the morning and create a snow service.

Hustle: Snow depending on where you live might be a everyday thing but most of the time a snow storm will hit maybe 6 times during the winter. Either way if you can do 8 houses in the morning thats $200 dollars. The bums haven’t jumped on this Hustle yet they are still collecting cans. You can really dominate the streets around your house with this service. The problem is you can’t count on the Snow unless you live in Buffalo!

Bean Pie Hustle!

Bean PieWhy can’t you sell pies? I mean you see the brothers in the Nation selling pies on every corner and you wouldn’t think they would be able to sell Bean Pies! So to the true Hustler who wants to get out on those blocks and sell Apple, Lemon, or Sweet Potato I offer you the Bean Pie Hustle. Now I still am in shock to see that the Bean Pie Hustle is paying off the way it does because I know there are just better tasting pies than Bean! On the street the Bean Pie can cost upwards of $8 to $10 dollars a piece.

Setup: Find a bakery that will sell you pies on the cheap, they are around just look them up, Get out into the community and sell your pies, Dress up professional and be courteous, Put flyers in your neighborhood telling about your pies being made from scratch, Watch out for the Nation!

Parlay: Sell them to your local convenience store or restaurants on consignment, Make smaller versions of your pies and sell it as snacks,

Hustle: I would have put this Hustle as just a handful of change but I know the Hustle pays. Just think 10 pies a day being sold will bring in $100. If you parlay your Hustle and really think about how to get them everywhere you will turn your Pie Hustle into a brand name. Don’t laugh at this Hustle because look around you IT PAYS!

Bathroom Attendant Hustle

Bathroom Attendant

This is the Second coming of a old Hustle but hey I’m glad it’s back! Old school clubs used to have a person in the bathroom who would give you a towel and maybe a mint before you headed back to the dance floor. Now the Bathroom Attendant is back and he got a whole candy house full of gums, candy, sprays of cologne, and hot towels before you head back out. The Hustle can add up fast depending on how busy the club is. If you Hustle everyone will drop a dollar in the tin can and you will get probably 200 to 300 dollars a night from the people visiting the bathroom.

Setup: Contact a club to see if you can split the profit with them on having someone watching their bathroom but providing a service to their customers, Dress the Role don’t come into the bathroom looking unkept, be clean, Just do your job don’t get mad if no one tips, some people are just cheap, Make sure you keep some variety of gums and breath mints.

Parlay: Sell a 3 pack of condoms in there, a lot of people just forget, Try to set up a rotation in different clubs,Get to the high end clubs, the richer the clientele the more money you can make, Give some peppermints away for free so people feel it’s a true service. Be friendly and ask people how it’s looking out there, Compliment the people in there on the way they are dressed.

Hustle: This is indeed a passive Hustle but I can’t knock it. Money is money. It’s actually a very clean job because you are making sure everyone washes their hands before they even touch you. Usually the staff at the club give this job to someone old or someone who really needs some extra money.

Bouncer Hustle


If you are naturally strong and tall or if you are naturally big and fat this is the Hustle for you. You just have to be willing to take a couple and give a couple but most people will not even think about messing with you. A lot of clubs will have a bouncer or they will hire a security team but you can get in if you just seem like your willing to do your job. Depending on the place your protecting you can make from $100 to $300 a night plus the perks of knowing people at the club.

Setup: Look tough but not too tough, Maintain a strong physical appearance and work out regularly,Know self-defense, Be willing to handle drunk or angry people, Maintain self-control and be able to remain calm under pressure, Be willing to work evening and early morning hours, Have a good personality

Parlay: If you can organize a whole team of Bouncers you have a security team that can get a contract with a club, Most club owner know you so you should have access to becoming a celebrities personal body guard, Keep you ears open because you might learn an industry and be able to open your own business aka Suge Knight, Big Black and others

Hustle: If you’re just naturally a big person this Hustle pays. You can do this Hustle on Fridays and Saturdays just for extra money while executing your main Hustle in the daytime. It’s a great gateway Hustle that will lead to you knowing a lot of people in high places. Get into this Hustle and who knows where you’ll end up.

Hand Model Hustle

Hand ModelThis goes under the Why Not of Hustles! Every commercial you see on TV shows hands scrubbing the toilet, holding a baby, massaging someone’s back. I know no one has told you this but people are being paid money just to show their hands next to a product. Depending on the campaign your hands are used in you can make upwards to $100 to $3000 for a national campaign.

Setup:Take care of your hands, Get regular manicures and keep your finger nails trimmed and polished, Take vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and Omega 3 oils, Look through magazines and newspapers and make a list of advertisements that feature hands, Call a modeling agency and find out what they are looking for in hand models,Get a professional photographer to take picture of you hands so you have a portfolio

Parlay: Get as man gigs as possible if you get into this Hustle, Drop the agent and shop yourself and control all the money from your Hustle, Write a book talking about how hard it is to be a Hand Model,

Hustle: This Hustle isn’t for everyone because you will have to really take care of your hands and make sure you don’t break a nail, grow muscles or do anything that might ruin your hands. Since it’s rare to get paid from this Hustle it might be worth looking into but your hands might not be soft enough to rub a babys butt to sell diapers.

Waiter Hustle

waiterIf you have that the customer is always right point of view the Waiter Hustle is for you. Looking on the Hustle from the outside it seems easy to do by just refilling water and bring people their food, but there’s a balancing act going on. Every waiter will have a section that they should handle so that might be 10 tables that all want to be waited on in a kind manner. On top of that you have to deal with the kitchen, busboy and bad customers, but it makes money. Most waiters are paid with their tips so be prepared to go the extra mile. Depending on where you are you can make $500 dollars a night.

Setup: Go to any restaurant professionally dressed and ask if they are hiring, Make sure you go over your daily chores so you can get them down to a science, Don’t take anything personally just do the best you can do at your job, Make customers feel comfortable and be attentive to their needs.

Parlay: If you get really good at it you can teach a class at your local community college, Waiter is a stepping stone in the restaurant industry to maybe running your own place, Know who the VIPs are and treat them accordingly,Make sure you pay your busboy well so he can clear tables for you fast so you can sit your next hungry customer, Try to wait at expensive restaurants

Hustle: This is a straight cash Hustler’s Hustle. Never will there be a more pure chance to show your skills in Hustling and getting money through your charm and get up and go. No prior experience is required to get into this Hustle. The more expensive the restaurant the higher the tips. It’s raining cash if you can do this Hustle right.

Valet Park Hustle!

valet-parkThey are everywhere and since it’s a extra service people are willing to pay for it. Since people put this as a luxury you see the valet at a high end restaurant, club, casino, golf clubs, and even some high end supermarkets. The money from Valet parking can really add up and depending on where you Hustle you will meet some very important people. The average tip for a Valet starts at $2 and can be up to $10 per car.

Setup: Have a drivers license, Get car insurance that covers you driving someone else’s car, Learn how to drive stick, most expensive sports cars or stick shift, Practice parking in tight spaces so you can get that spot no one else would dare, Go to restaurants, casinos, clubs and golf clubs asking for a position as a valet, they can never have enough.

Parlay: Be friendly and professional and tips will get bigger, Remember everyone’s name of the car you parked,Make a deal with the waiter to give you a heads up so you can have their car ready, Get to know people because you never know where it will lead.

Hustle: It seems like a easy job and the amount of cars you may park in our hour might really turn into a lot of money. The drawback is people will not respect your Hustle and if anything comes up missing it’s your fault for sure. Get in where you fit in on this Hustle, but it will pay.

Snack Hustle

Sandwich HustleSome people will never make it outside for lunch! Most of your offices, your barbers, you beauty salons, your mechanics, and anyone who can’t afford to walk outside their business without losing money. The Snack Hustle is usually the person they are relying on to bring the food to them. If you get a chance to sell your sandwiches, snacks in a office building you will clean up. You can sell your tuna sandwiches, chips for $5 and people will buy.

Setup: Find a place to prepare the sandwiches, Need at least a refrigerator to keep cold food stored, Buy a basket, or a roll away cart to bring it from office to office,Have a extremely clean appearance, Bring Sandwiches, Fruit, Cookies and Brownies

Parlay: Contact vendors to sell your sandwiches, Local vending companies are always looking for new products to sell in their machines,Visit the snack shops in local bowling alleys, Check in local convenience stores to see if they carry a line of sandwiches

Hustle: As long as they have lawyers, doctors, and people who work to much this Hustle will work. Everyone is trying to eat healthy but on top of that they want the food brought to them. It’s a homemade Hustle and it will work if you get out there and make it happen. The price of the ingredients are so low that it’s worth it to bring apples and extra stuff.

Window Wiper Hustle

window wiperThe more businesses open up in your neighborhood the more they need to keep the windows clean. Would you buy cake from a bakery that had dirty windows? Would you get your clothes cleaned by a dry cleaner with dirty windows? This Hustle once set up will create a regular source of money. You can make about 4K a month when you set this up right after about 90 days of setting up your clients. The average rate is about $3 per pane of glass.

Setup: You need a telescopic pole and multiple attachments, such as a strip washer (cloth-like), squeegee and scraper.,You will also need a bucket,You need high-strength glass cleaning solution, You can find most of what you need online by doing a search for window cleaning supplies,Get organized and keep your word to your customers.

Parlay: Stop by a few strip malls, walk from business to business asking if they would like to have their windows cleaned, Talk to the owners of strip malls and see if they can add you to their normal maintenance charges of their tenants, Talk to Car Lot owners and even your fast food places, Hire Part time workers to wash windows while you get more clients, Advertise to clean residential houses windows, remember they want inside and out.

Hustle: The better the economy the better this Hustle. There will always be businesses that will need a clean appearance. With a very small buy in and a lot of Hustle you will make a decent amount of money in a short amount of time. You can set your own schedule and keep your own hours. It’s a solid Hustle!

Dollar Water Hustle

WaterBottle-mThe one and only Dollar Water Hustle! If you haven’t seen someone slanging water on a corner near you then you must be in the middle of nowhere. This is by far the best entry level Hustle ever created because of the simple buy in and the simple execution. You can buy about 35 bottles for 5 bucks at any Sams Club or any other warehouse. You stand in the middle of a busy street and sell them each COLD DOLLAR WATER for $1. Yes it’s that easy, and you can probably make about $200 dollar a day on a really hot day.

Setup: Buy a case of water, Buy a cooler and fill it up with Ice, Find the best intersection with the most traffic or a long left turn signal, Be funny and fast to your customers

Parlay: Put up signs letting people know Dollar Water is ahead, Put on a light blue uniform, Sell bigger bottles of water for the same $1 if you start to have competition, Of course get more people and take over a whole intersection and get all the money.

Hustle: On a hot day this Hustle will definitely work. This is the best Hustle of the past 5 years and it’s hard to find a day when you won’t make any money. Of course if it’s cold no one needs water but from May all the way to September this Hustle pays. So get on out there and see what you can do. Its the best Hustle going.

Mobile Car Wash Hustle

Mobile Car WashIf you work in most office buildings the parking garage will offer the VIP’s a extra serice to wash their car. Most businesspeople are so busy nowadays that they don’t have time to get their car detailed on the weekend. This is a great Hustle to offer because everyone wants a nice clean car on Friday night. You can charge about $35 per wash for about a hour of work everyday.

Setup:Vehicle, Insurance, Water Hoses, Cleaning supplies, decide what days, times, and neighborhoods you will work, Figure out costs for supplies and transportation to your customers,Hire a phone service to answer phones while you are working, Make deals with parking garages, car salesman, Advertise in richer neighborhoods and provide home driveway service.

Parlay: Think big, and really set up as many parking garages as you can, Look for abandoned tune up garages that you can set up a office,Make deals with places that change oil or gives tune ups, Open up a mobile car wash company and hire more people, Wash car fleets for about $2 bucks a piece, they will ask for you to wash 100 cars!

Hustle: If you have a van or a truck that can haul some basic cleaning equipment you should be able to really clean up. The only thing you may need is insurance to cover against certain problems with bad customers. Once you get this Hustle set up you will have a lot of return clients and thus a lot of money.

Shoe Shine Hustle
Shoe Shine HustleThis has got to be one of the oldest Hustles in the history of Hustle. Little by little this Hustle is fading away as most people just aren’t wearing the type of shoes that need to be shined. This Hustle is very competitive because there are only so many buildings that allow you to be inside and on top of that even fewer people who actually need a shine. Usually you charge the customer around 10 bucks per shine and expect a 2 dollar tip.
Setup: Find a good location with high foot traffic. Subway entrance, Downtown, airports, train station, Talk to the owner of a building where you can rent space to get that great office location, Buy a nice chair for your customers to sit in. You do not need a big stadium sitting area until your Hustle pays off, Advertise within your building and out on the street. Make sure people know you’re there.
Parlay: Barter a shoe shine with other Hustlers to get other things you need, Try to develop a technique and a name for yourself so people will tell other people about you, Offer gum or mints as a little extra to your customer,Sell socks, shoe trees, and foot powder to bring in extra dollars, Work out a deal with a shoe repair guy to shine the shoes of some of their customers
Hustle: This Hustle is slowly dying off and is really something you should do when nothing else seems to work. The money is not consistent to build anything off of it. The world has gone casual friday on the Shoe Shine and it doesn’t seem like the Hustle will make it in the next 10 years. I am sure some of the Shoe Shiners are still Hustling but it doesn’t mean it’s a good Hustle!

Hot Dog Hustle
Hot Dog HustleYou only got 15 minutes for lunch and you can’t wait in line? I’m sure you have given your hard earned 2 dollars to this Hustler for a 20 cent hot dog. This Hustle is really on the go because you can take the Hustle with you. If you know the corner people come out for lunch, if there is a construction site around the corner you can go there, if kids are getting out of school you can roll there, this Hustle depends on you. Depending on how good your location is you can make about $55K a year just from thawing out some hot dogs and getting some cheap ingredients from Sams Club.
Setup: Rent or Purchase a mobile food cart, Apply for a mobile food vendor permit at your local city hall, Purchase your food products for resale at the wholesale houses, show them your permit, Map what locations you would like to set up shop and at what time, Get permission from the property owner if it’s private property to set up in front of their building, Be consistent with your locations so you will have repeat customers, Display your vendor license either around your neck or on your cart so the cops won’t confiscate your cart,You need a car to tow this cart back home or to the station.

Parlay: You can create a Hot Dog Company of your own and lease the carts out to people and give them a cut of the money. A consignment deal, Don’t forget to offer drinks and a combo of some sort, make a deal with private property owners and share a cut of the money for great locations, Offer coupons or after 3pm deals so you can clear inventory, Work little league games as the Hot Dog is part of the pastime, Work soccer games as alternative to the regular food served.
Hustle: The carts aren’t really that expensive to rent maybe 250 to 400 a month. If you have a great location you might bring in about 4K a month off of this Hustle. Bring a chair because you will be sitting outside all day and people don’t usually respect your Hustle. The Hot Dog Hustle is something people expect to see when they are in down town or amusement parks, or even little league games so the money will be there.

Statue Hustle
HumanStatueManWe’ve all seen this Hustle. Most of the time they draw a crowd because someone is waiting for them to sneeze or blink or anything that will make you know they are human. Most of the Statue you see in public are usually very good at their Hustle. Rarely have you seen one fall or get out of character for anything. The Statue Hustle is about location location location. If you happen to be in the right place you can make a couple hundred dollars a day.
Setup: Pick a corner in a well foot traffic area, Seem to appear out of nowhere, Bring a bucket for people to drop money into, Liquid Silver body paint, Silver false eyelashes,Silver dress/ pants suit,Wide makeup application brush, Bald cap (nude colored), Silver hair color spray
Parlay: You can hire yourself out to be a statue at high end parties, You can start your own class teaching people the art of standing still, You can create a group with others statue artist and get better gigs,
Hustle: I personally think that everyone is doing it because they are half crazy and they want to be noticed. I am sure there are people who say they just want to entertain people but I don’t get it. Money is money though and I have been at Columbus Circle in New York and saw these guys attract crowds. It’s hard work to get yourself painted and stand there for hours waiting for people to drop money in a bucket. I can’t knock it but I don’t have to like it.

Sperm Hustle
21707472_006b7fa00dThe power is in your Hand! It’s not as easy as you think to produce when people are counting on you. A lot of people know about this Hustle but no one will tell you they make money from it. Donating sperm is available for some men ages 18 to 34 that are in excellent physical condition and have a clear medical history. Less than 5% of all applicants are approved, but if you are the range of pay can be from $200 a week for weekly donations for 6 months.
Setup: Find a couple state-approved sperm banks,Call the Sperm Bank and find out the requirements for donation, Go in for a consultation, where they will ask for you and your family complete medical history, Make 3 donations, where they check to see if you have the right stuff, Take a full medical exam, where they will check your blood, Sign a contract to sign away your rights to the sperm and to agree to participate for at least 6 months.
Parlay: If you got it you got it. This kind of thing can last for 16 years if you want it to, You can have a rotation of Sperm banks and get paid.
Hustle: Another Recession proof Hustle that will always pay. You always hear of someone saying they would do it but you never know anyone who does. $200 bucks X 6 months = $4800 dollars for the time spent doing what comes naturally. Make sure you read all the contracts and everything else that they plan to do with your ManPower!

Blood Hustle
funky_blood_dropBlood is always in you and most Blood Banks will pay for it. Depending on the Type of Blood you have there may be a shortage in your area. Type “O” blood is the best because it can be used the most. If you can take the needles you will get paid for about 5 minutes worth of sitting and a cookie too. Blood Banks will pay around $40 per pint depending on your area and the level of demand. Plus you can donate blood weekly!
Setup: Call up your local Blood Bank, and find out if they are paying for blood donations, Eat an hour or so before you go., Make sure to drink plenty of fluids ahead of time, Plan on being around for a hour for the whole process to get done.
Parlay: Blood Plasma pays even more but it takes more screening, Blood Plasma may pay you up to $200 per visit, You can donate blood weekly, but watch out not to look like a Heroin addict with all your tracks.
Hustle: This is a excellent back against the wall Hustle. If there is ever a time when you don’t know how you are going to make it this Hustle will stop starvation. Depending on the type of Blood you have this can be a regular source of income. Depending on how sensitive you are to needles this might just get you through college.

Recycle Hustle
Visit AnyCity USA and you will find someone recycling cans, bottles, plastic shopping bags and cardboard. The most common person to see is your bums pushing carts and bags full of cans they have been collecting through the day. The State of Maine pays the most for recycled cans and plastic bottles at 10 cents a piece but each state pays some money. Most states have a scale determining the payout based on how much all the recyclables weigh.
Setup: Looks like a shopping cart is the best thing to have when doing this Hustle, Willingness to look through the trash to find a can or bottle, Determine which bottles pay the most for collecting.

Parlay: I’ve seen people with trucks that they have built plywood around the bed to make like a big collecting bin, Go to rich neighborhoods the night before trash day as most have designated recycle bins that are easy picking, Talk to you local bars in your areas and ask what they do with all their bottles, Search through the trashcans behind you local GYM

Hustle: Some people do this as a way of life. I guess 10 cents in Maine really adds up. This Hustle will always exist and most of your Hustling bums use this money for their next fix. The math on this is crazy becuase for every 10 cans you collect you get 1 dollar. Now I don’t know how 300 cans and bottles looks like in relation to you pushing a cart around town. Check your local state for how much they are willing to pay you to collect cans because unless you’re in Maine it might not be worth it.

Pet Sitting Hustle

Choosing-a-Pet-Sitter_full_article_verticalYes, the Pets! Another Hustle realted to Pets is Pet Sitting. Many pet lovers just can’t stand the site of taking their pets to a kennel. They think the kennel is like putting them in jail. So they will pay to have you sit there either in their house or have you watch them at yours. Charge your customer just a little bit under your local kennel. If the kennel in your area charges $50 dollars a night then charge $45. The difference is their baby I mean dog is not locked up in some cage all night.

Setup: 100 basic flyers to put up in your neighborhood, that lists the services included. ex. walking, food, and overall pictures of where you will keep the dogs, Concentrate on small animals that people treat as toys, Get high end pet food as a perk to feed the pets while you have themParlay: Dog Walking and Pet Sitting go hand in hand so think about bundling the Hustles together, Always work closely with your local groomer or pet hospital for referrals, Ask to leave cards at the groomer or pet hospital, Advertise, advertise, advertise everyone needs a pet sitter every once in a while.

Hustle: It’s one thing to walk them but it’s another to bring them into your home. The busier the customer the more this Hustle is needed. Start small and take care of the tea cup animals. Beware people think of these animals like humans so be extra careful in caring for them. Overall it’s a good Hustle but sometimes the risk involved is too much so I’d stick to Dog Walking.

Dog Walking Hustle

Dog Walker HustleYes, if you happen to live in a city like NY, or just around some lazy people who want a dog but don’t want to walk it this Hustle is for you. You can charge the customer $10-25 dollars per hour walk but play it by ear when you negotiate your price. Make sure you charge per dog because someone will try to make it a group rate and you’ll get dicked out of some money.

Setup: Can’t be scared of dogs, Know the different types of dogs,know if they need to walk a lot or a little, 100 basic flyers to put up in your neighborhood, Need to have flexible hours, Be prepared to pick up a lot of Dog Sh*t

Parlay: Walk as many dogs in that hour as you possibly can. I mean walk the whole entire kennel in that first hour, Offer to Pet Sit (See Pet Sitting Hustle), Contact your local pet groomer and offer a all in one package where you will walk their dog and take it to the groomer for them, Sell Flea Collars, and whatever else pet related items, Start a dog walking company where you hire teenagers to Hustle the neighborhood for you.

Hustle: This is another all age, recession proof Hustle and if it’s done right you might make $100 dollars a hour. There are alot of lazy people in this world who just want to have a dog as a toy and don’t really want to take care of it. So if you are willing to walk they will be willing to give you some money.

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