Im starting up….again

Well it seems that the book is going to take longer now since I am back to work. I still figure about 3 months just to give myself time to get everything back in order. I am working at a fast food place to make some money but never have to work. In other words I am writing book, doing some hustle and to back it up I have a gig. Time to get back to the hustle and that means start back the means to make money. So from this day forward I am open to all hustles for a dollar here and 20 dollars there.

Whats funny is Im never taking time off because I have to stay busy. That means I am writing the blog because without it I go back to watching TV. Who knew the R&G kept me going and woke me up. Who knew I would sit on my ass for two weeks procrastinating aka bullshitting. Who know that I need to stay active in life with new shit coming to mind because without it I am going to sleep. So that means get a job, that means do the blog, that means be open to the hustle and that means get back on the grind again.

I figure I got to get busy again because I have shut down where I don’t worry about anything. Who knew that I could slip back to that and I really wanna wake up. So with that said I’m going to get busy for busy sake. Make money for money sake. Do anything for anything sake. I remember when I was bored I just went back to the money and tried a different hustle. So that’s what I’m on now. Do I think the R&G will come to an end nope because I need it to stay alive.

So with that being said the R&G returns in full force until I feel like I have nothing left to say. Sure I might feel that way again but we are entering a recession so maybe in 2027. So giving you 5 years to roll with me again…. because I need it.


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  1. Self-motivation, to know thy self. Brother Freeman it takes a real man to look inside of himself and to self-correct. This is very rare among our people please continue with your insights on this hustle game and life as you see it. The young brothers and sisters that visit your site and who are serious about doing for themselves and getting their money up will appreciate the jewels you drop each week.
    Peace Freeman

  2. Freeman I went back and listened to your podcast on bizethics and my brother you was on one you was bring the heat!!!

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