Podcast 1213

I got to get the book out so this the last Podcast until the beginning of the new year. Got to get it right.


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  1. Yo Freeman this Dee down in Mobile. I hit you on the rise and grind email homie. Hit me up on the back channel.

    Email: lavacuts@gmail.com

    • What’s up man I sent you a email so you contact me at freeman@rise&grind.com and I’ll respond. Glad to see you’re around and alive. Hit me up!

  2. cant wait for the book freeman
    yeah stuff getting crazy out here in the last 6 months ive cut back my spending tremendiously spending week 200 a month on food or less .
    but you right abut the house stuff my boy got a pay raise and talking about he needs to find a house next year . they way the market looking right now they are spanking people on these prices out here.
    also again some people cant get keep it simple you got people talking a million dollars aint enough or 5 Millon aint enough i wonder man what lifestyles do yall live got damn just spending and keeping with bullshit
    like you said they forever a customer or keeping up with jonese
    just pay off house pay off car and other debt people make this shit so complex with these highly inflated lifestyles they want to live

  3. Brother Freeman, I salute you homie. That said, what’s the one thing you wish people would ask you about the whole R&G that you never got asked? I been rocking with you since the Dollar Menu and you put me on bigger paper over the years with your advice.

    • I have given the RG everything I don’t have any questions or want any response. You have been listening to me talk to myself out of frustration. Then when frustrated ended it was for you to know how to get out of it. Now it’s about saying whatever is left because I have told you everything I went through to get where I am today.

      The last book is the last lesson. Yall know how I saved, dealt with people and how I made it. Yall graduated so the last book is the last lessons of the R&G. You guys have been with me for 10 years it’s time to go because I have little left to say

      Im glad I told you everything I had. I know I helped you realize how you are and what you have to go on your own. It’s better to go your own way knowing where you need to go. Its a lonely life because everyone is not going to make it. But you have to because I told you that means you know. It’s up to you now!

  4. Aye Freeman
    Much thanks for the work you beem doing bro. You put me YEARS ahead of the curve on MANY things. Yeah I slipped a few times, but it was usually from trynna bend the truth in my favor. And sometimes it did work but only if the reasons I chose were real ones… Everything I do is based on as close to owning as possible. And the bare necessities. At this point all I need is time to catch up with my grind…

    Aye one thing I noticed and I have a feeling what your stance is on it, but what’s your take on crypto? It’s going crazy. I been diving into it man. Looking at stocks and policies and everything. Not just following the herd…Man it’s looking like the financial system is about to literally change forever. Banks and hedge funds are about to bleed to death. It’s not just some fad shit like the government is drafting policy for it! They panicking. Meanwhile DeFi is about to start paying ppl crazy money because instead of like a bank charging you fees for your money and lending it out1000x, these platforms pay you a % of their fees and also what they make from your money. It’s wild breh!

    • Man consider this there is a hustle that comes along once ever 20 years so crypto is the next. Remember it’ll break but it’s the same thing as stocks you make money off of the feelings that people have on them. Real sproperty housing is real everything else is fake but you can make a lot of money but it isn’t forever. The crap is based off nothing just keep that in mind.

      Remember real property is the key the rest is just a hustle. Right now if I told you to buy a piece of land you’re like bullshit. But, thats real money. Just remember what I said all of this shit is white man hustle where they make money off of what is said,,,, real property you have something to show for it. It’s all a hustle a con the real long dough is real property. AKA means you have something to show for it.

      • Trust me fam I ain’t goin for it.
        I see it as an opportunity to make moves though for sure. It’s always been about getting out to bring it back to mine.
        Good lookin out tho
        Can’t wait for that next book big homie!

  5. Trying to write the end for all you guys. That’s it.

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