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OK it’s December I am going to finish the book by the end of the month. Yeah, give you something for the rest of your life. It’s time! First start off right recognize the trap they made.


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  1. Great show freeman
    I agree its simple get good house a reliable car pay it off and elimnate debt and live good . You dont much
    Im 25 and as i got older ive become more minimal . And i see having a lot of useless things like hella clothes and trinkets menas nothing.

    Also isee your point everyone wants to live high on the horse and live wnat i call the lifestyle on the scene bars clubs and fast woman
    Part of is social media wanting to the live a lifestyle thats not sustainble
    And people are so programmed to fid this mGical good job there such thing

    • Man we don’t like how simple our life could be. Instead we say let’s make it more exciting. So we take so.ple make it more co.plicated and think life is getting the shit we created. We have out life at 18 we just fuck it up and work forever. The next booking explai it better and really it’s up to you.

      • What kills me is that cats look at you like “you ain’t LIVING tho” even though like you said before $2k a month is all you need once you get right. When people understand that you can do whatever you want (the most important thing being able to slow down and think and PLAN) when you do it right.

        Get LIFE out of the way so you can LIVE.

        • True but most people think to work is the goal when you can exit this game early. Here you are putting your life on the line when it can be over. My nephew admitted it he’d rather go for it than have it done and wonder what else is there. They just don’t want it. You already have it so why fake it.

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