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Damn, a cat made me remember that now is the time. By the time everyone else start hustling it’ll be over and mofo will be broke.


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  1. Real talk! Making money is easy when you realize all you’re doing is solving someone’s problem at a price they think is lower than the value of your solution.

    A problem with our folks is we don’t believe you got it or care how we can get it unless we can tangibly see it. A cat like me, whose built a quiet, simple, nearly 100% automated life isn’t sexy to most people. I’m of mind that you can tell the quality of the cat by the quality of his thoughts, words and actions, and a man on his grind don’t have time to flex for the gram.

    I’m trying to get past the need of money so I can experience the higher tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy; I want that self-actualization that comes from knowing that I own my day and can subtly influence positive change for my black people.

    • LOL you want to get the power to manipulate without dummies knowing! I used to think that way but I felt it was a waste of my time. You are more powerful than you can believe because you can sell the opposite people believe you. Why not be the GOD you are instead of using the powers of GOD. Life is very simple it’s just we complicated it. It was never hidden we just conned ourselves into believing we should be better than everyone.

      • Help me understand, brother. Are you saying that trying to architect a better future for black folks isn’t the way? That it’s a waste of time because we as a whole don’t want sovereignty? Or that the realization hit you that goal is really to enjoy your time on this rock?

        • I’m saying it’s better to do it and that requires you to do without fanfare. If it has to be done do people need to know your reasoning? If you make a Black way do you need attention. I say we have so much to do that we have to go it alone. Rebellion is done quietly probably so quiet that you won’t receive attention.

          You know they need it. Maybe they’ll understand later but its for you to do.

  2. Does that include a Burger Food truck ? I’ve flipped burgers for about 2 years and saw all the necessities to run a good burger spot. Honestly that’s the plan for 2022. Thank you !

    • Man all those places about to fold MCd’ Wendys, Taco Bell and the majors survive but selling cheeseburgers will folk. It’s time for us to takeover those old places and make them all FreeMan Burgers, Tacos, Chicken, Cheesesteak and Fish. It’s time for us to come up because alot of places have closed and the owners don;t want to deal with a recession. Wait just Wait all of those burger places will close and then wait another year when you can buy them for 10 Cent.

      The Burger truck is more money than you owning a hole in the wall. A piece of land is better than a mobile unit. Be patient people selling before the recession and the fact they found out from Covid most people would rather drive thru. Less employees and more money. Mobile is the way don;t fall for the fact that most of these places trying to sell a old place.


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