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We just got to do it. We get caught up in what white people, and this group, or this folk does… We just need to do it that’s it.


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  1. DF, you ain’t lying, brother. I’ve had this exact same conversation with my people, and as soon as I mention “specifically for black folk” the roadblocks come flying out of nowhere. “Black folks can’t act right”, “It’s gonna be ghetto”, “Black folks don’t spend money with other black folks”. Mind you, the majority of these people are life-long ATLiens who have patronized black businesses the majority of their lives.

    Maybe it’s the same reason why people try to ‘amputate’ their blackness once they get some money; it’s easier to leave it all behind and go kick it with kinder, gentler white folks than it is to improve the areas they come from. Maybe to them the black experience is wholly negative (or at least it seems that way from their comfy couches in the suburbs), mean and ugly, and not worth saving or serving.

    Not saying it’s right, but as a man who’s accomplished so much more than the environment I was born into would allow, I get it. People try their damndest to push the hood into a spare closet of their lives and forget it’s in there. They don’t want to look like it, smell like, and get embarrassed when the hood pops out at inopportune times.

    In closing, I don’t think black people don’t really NOT want to open black-centric businesses; they just don’t want to have any ties to the hood stereotypes. That rich white man dollar is the same as that poor black man dollar except the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors is different. Unfortunately, for a lot of black folks, a little bit of racism is better than a whole lot of ghetto.

    • Well I have to do it as they won’t believe you they believe after they see. So don’t abandon the whole thing because they are blind and the only way they’ll see is through proof. I don’t even talk to people I just go ahead and build. Money is the ultimate payoff even when I want to do it for Black Folks. So just do it they won’t appreciate it until your done. Even then they are going to shit on it but they see with their eyes not with their mouth.

      We do things so we can open their eyes. They’ll appreciate it by patronizing the Black Owned Business. Just show them it can be done and continue making money. All we need is to show them it can be done we don’t need the praise or the thank yous.

  2. This is off topic but I remember hearing you say before that in the past when you would get a new job that you would tell the people hiring you that you were only available to work on a contract basis. That sounds smart as hell actually and I am trying to do that myself moving forward. Is that still possible today and if so can you talk more about how you do that, and how you set up the terms to be more in your favor? I have skills I am building in different unrelated industries and a lot of that stuff is seasonal work etc. Want to be able to pick up and go to where the $ is on a dime ASAP and not burn bridges. Plus some of these salary jobs really if you do the math it’s just minimum wage. If I can shift that in my favor, be able to complete my end of the contract and leave ASAP when better opportunities come up without burning bridges AND avoid micro management like you mentioned that would be great. Thanks!

    • Man this is right on time. That’s what I work for a period only. It’s really a good time now with everyone coming back to work as they’ll hire you flat. MCD is paying 22 and shit Ill do that and keep making money. I’ll talk about it tomorrow podcast as I am going to do it right now.

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