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Now! That’s all I have to say is NOW. If you were wondering when do you start NOW.


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  1. Hello Freeman. Glad to see you back. I have a question. I work for a utility company. They have a position called a Customer Service Field Technician that pays base rate of 74,000 but with overtime you can make over six figures. Most guys are doing 16 hours a day. You light pilots, inspect gas leak calls, and do connect orders for customers. You work by yourself mostly. Freeman do you think this is a good position? I don’t make any overtime in the position that I am in currently

    • Ok do you have the rest of your life being in the same spot OR do you plan on doing for self? I ask that because the money doesn’t help if you are all in on doing for self. If so NO if not Yes if maybe Yes. So ask yourself are you all in for yourself!

      Really think because unless your ready to go move forward. If it’s not time then chill and make money now you can do for self later
      Remember it’s your life you will know when ur ready.

  2. Just made some money in crypto gonna flip that till I have enough to buy a car and house CASH. Then I’m out the game. Been following you for years but I was bullshxtin throughout my 20’s. Now though I’m on it, no more games. Also glad to hear you back on the podcast.

    • Ehhh man just pay off ur house and car the world is yours. It’s simple to beat this game the 0nly thi g stopping g us is us and the wanting to be the best. If we took care of ourselves we would be laughing at people who sacrifice today for tomorrow. It’s simple but we keep falling for the shit.

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