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The game is simple and plain and that is don’t play the game. So many homies try to win it but you lost from the gate. It’s not worth going into when you can have it all at 16. You don’t understand do you …. well I hope you will someday!



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  1. Man simple but so insightful
    I see what you mean most of these people aint rich they just high income earners and a consumer in a high expnese level range rover , nice clothes and other bullshit all too look the part
    Paying 4000 month for an apratment to be bye or live in downtown aka i wanna be high level consumer and be close to all the stores bars and clubs
    Paying all that rent and they say oh but it has its own gym a rooftop bar area bad work area 😂😂😂. Boy i look at these aparemnts in the bay and ican see the con there upcharging people a lifestyle to be around thats all fake anyways

  2. As i get older i see the con espcially whem people get older you see they never really had it they was living on borrewed money looking the part.
    And also you point about black folks carimg more about the title and beating white folks than the fucking money shit is ass backwards..
    I really dont even be around people like that no more its the same convos with them sports woman . What they wanna do or finna complainvl about the job shit gets old so i just tune out and go somewhere dont bring that stuff aroumd im trying to get out the game not beat it or master it

  3. Yeeeahhhhhhh man at 16, it was no house payment no car payment no indoctrination and full of guts and ambition and ideas.
    Only difference is now many yrs later I got a car loan. But it don’t even got warranty anymore smh lol. Tbh tho I might just say fuck it and walk off on it, buy a cheap bucket fix it bulletproof and roll on. But I wanna maintain my credit so I can get that house when the market tanks.
    I can make consistent money now man. I don’t need shit but me. I’m focused. I’m not rich yet, but I don’t have burdens like that.

  4. @Miguel – Man homie it’s a wrap now that we know the truth we got to execute. The feeling like we need to tell people they are doing it wrong is over. It’s time for me and you to live it up and spread the game without telling only by living my life. And leaving bread crumbs behind. I gave 10 years telling the truth now I am only speaking while passing. I’m gone bro I’m gone.

    @Tony – It ain’t over we just got to remember we were free and now we owe people money and our life.We got to get free and we’ll come up but if we stay owing cats money we will never get money. I love the cats who talk about making money through debt. I wish they could see theirselves like the way I see them. Shit ain’t worth it BE FREE!

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