Time to Make Money

While a lot of people are wondering I’d better start moving. Now I say this in a time when everyone is wondering whats going on. when everyone is happy that Covid is coming to an end and when people are getting ready for a abnormal Christmas where you actually mean what being said. In other words most people are happy that the world resets and ME I’m thinking it’s time to make money.

Think about it by the time everyone else wakes up the average person won’t be able to get a job. Think about it Biden passed a recession package and the dumb will say what the fvck for? He passed that shit when their is no recession but he knows like I know once Covid over all shit will fail. They already predicting it in housing but dumb-asses keep on buying. People ain’t working but hey they don’t have to worry about today. And the economy is being kept up by the government not by business and they can keep it up only for so long.

So that’s why it’s time to make money I’m betting you got 3 to 6 months. But, really you got until the DNC get Biden’s people in office. They about to make poor people poorer, housing prices, jobs and just life in general. I try to tell everyone but they just happy Covid over they think they’ll deal with whatever the economy does. I see it this way you and me going to get got why the rich can take it. Will you survive shit going bad all over so Christmas 2022 will be the majoirity of people happy with being poor.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you it’s time to move at least a year out. You have time to get your shit in order but only for the Husters will listen. Things will change but the average will think good times are coming back. But the bad times are coming and they will last 10 years. Only the kids in college won’t see it coming and be protected from it. The rest of us if we don’t plan… GOODBYE!


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  1. Man DF, it’s been heavy on the heart and mind for weeks now, and I finally came to a decision: I really want that next level. Not talk about it, not borrow it for a week or two at a time, I’m ready to commit to getting there regardless of the personal sacrifice I have to make.

    If that means a loss of friends and family, a social life or the ability to relate to regular life, so be it. I can’t spend no more time trying to convince people that there’s something more when they refuse to even TRY understanding it.

    I can’t ignore the boredom I feel having low-level conversations about as you put it so eloquently years ago: Non-Cents. I tried straddling the fence but the problem you’ll face doing that is there are always people falling off and you spend so much time trying to help them back up you don’t progress as fast as you can.

    Now I completely understand why you started the R&G all those years ago: you wanted a place to express thoughts the common man can’t compute. I’m locked in bro and every single comment left on this blog going forward’s gonna reflect that.

    Those old ass ideas have to die in order for us to see what comes next.

    • Well welcome because all you can do is tell them once now they can’t say they never heard it. I just keep it moving so no can ever say I didn’t tell them. Real talk you owe them to reveal it not to teach them it. Only a few brothers in this world will continue searching the rest will say its bullshit. I got a book coming out that reveals everything so no one can say I just kept it to myself. You give them God and they think it’s cool to wonder about the devil.

      Do what you can how you feel because if someone didn’t reveal it to me I couldn’t reveal it to you. Do your part for the race! Other than that dont get off track because you see it. We speak while passing by which is better than not speaking.

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