Let me say this upfront

The game is cold and no matter how much you think you are ready it’s not enough. I remember last time I had a bunch of people saying I’m wrong but this time I’m right like I was last time before the recession. Everyone thinks we are coming back and shit is going to get better but that shit is gon mayne gon! We need to get our money up and play things out like it’s the end of the game.

There’s going to be fvckers losing houses, already lost business last is losing jobs. I’m lucky to deal with import because there are boats off the coast that still ain’t got shit in. So for me this shit going to last for a year so I’m going to be alright. In fact I’m glad fast food is shrinking because I’m going to get in that. But, needless to say Biden just put a New Deal as law so the game has changed.

I’m going to keep saying it get ready for this shit. Just save a year of money and pay it off because we gon be starving for money and the rich don’t give a fvck. I used to try to survive this shit but I already have so it’s time to really say goodbye. So I’m on here just so you don’t have to but it you fvck around and act like things are getting better…..SHEEEIIIIIITTTT.


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  1. yeah freeman stuff is tough crime is up
    and to be honest a of people are tired of working for pennies after a year of getting money sitting at home it hard to go back communitng in your car for long periords of time dealing with bullshit people
    for little pay and barley surving people are tired . you see a lot of desprate people doing all types of of ctime and scams
    i been investing in stock and crytpo hravy every paycheck and cutting my spending
    only i can do is stack and wait for stocks for fall and laod up
    you also have people who are back to spenidng fucking off money clubs and bars are packed out here in the bay every weekend trips to napa , p
    people so happy back to fucking off money no disclipine . im just out way stacking and investing

  2. trying to be long term as we talked to about all this shit is bullshit these people aint got like they portray . paying 4 to 5 thousand to live downtown oakland or sf for what to clsoer to spen ding more mioney at the bar and clubs not moeny realted reason for trick related reasons to be a consumer and paratake in enertrainent
    i know you lived in nyc but i aint paying to live in mahattan unless i m making moiney moves the view of the skyline aint worth that much
    smoke and mirrors out here in the world people fronting

    • Homie, it’s one thing to work it’s another to live. Few people live and that’s why they leave to some place easier. Live is forever good work is forever bad I didn’t get conned in saying I got a good job there’s no such thing. You see the game and that’s why you’re tired of it. Get money there’s nothing more than not working the building. We realize it when we retire telling our kids it’s life. It’s not life it’s a bad life.

      Money makes you realize things and then you realize it’s so bad you don’t even play the game.

  3. Was up Free! Wild out here my dude! Ima catch up on some of your joints. Still grinding mane…

  4. Lol this whole time everybody trippin about the economy I’m just like “Aiight I guess so?!”
    Everytime a recession comes all I see is a buncha BIG stuff I could’ve came up on if I was more focused.
    Don’t get me wrong I been grit grinding so hard and looked up to a bunch of stuff I owned but my way of income wasn’t really independence so once that lane unexpectedly dried up plus hella bad luck I sold it all off just to get back stable.
    I see now I ain’t have to do that I could’ve just relaxed and plotted another idea out.
    I noticed my goals changed now tho.
    This time around tho I’m not so risky with decisions. The bills been low so why was I trippin?! I never tricked off money I was always trynna build.
    All I gotta do is remember to be patient with the plan and not get frantic when things SEEM dire because I realized with enough foresight and focus no matter how bad it seems you can still be comfy with cheap food & no expenses.

    Appreciate the game the whole time Freeman 💯

    • Like I always say I’d rather be ok than wait trying to make a profit. Hey this is serious times and people buying houses go figure

      People realy think things will recover and I’m working to have money for 5 years in cash. This time it ain’t bad times it’s horrible times. President Biden already put money away on the recession and he supposed to be the good time president.

      This is about to be the 2nd time I went through this. Say goodbye to your friends cuz they going to give up soon.

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