Podcast 1018

Yep, another one along the lines of giving you everything I got. Well it’s not everything but bare with I’m going to give you everything I got. What I’ve learned, how other cats failed, the lies the majority believe and how you can make it and wind up alone. Damn the game is cold ain’t it!


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  1. The same struggles you have with your nephew is the same ones I have with my stepson. So full of potential yet can’t isolate themselves long enough to bring it into being. I usually don’t encourage young men rapping as a career, but he’s a star in the making because he can outrap most oldheads from New York and sing better than the milennials now.

    The problem is that he has no real interest in the business. Homie dropped a song that racked up over 300K streams quick and I try to put him on game on how he doesn’t need the industry; he could literally create a business for himself and his daughter on the internet but he don’t hear me though.

    I recently realized that it’s not my job to save people, and nobody really respects unsolicited help so I just do me now. If you come with a question, I’ll eyeball it and give advice but I can’t slow up my pace for people who don’t wanna run.

  2. What you said really hit me this morning man, “you can’t be rich and poor at the same time”. I’m finding that to be crazy true; the old habits we have will hold us back if we don’t shed that skin and become something new, better and (hopefully) more pure to the game.

    I’ve been guilty of gossiping about chips instead of actually making them, and looking like it instead of actually being it.

    • We’ve all been in a fog coming out of Covid. I think we all have to get our game face on aka get serious. Cats out there ain’t really on it because they chilling when they should hurry up and get this money. I know its hard but we got to push. A lot of things are bad right now and we think they are going to get better I think they’re gone so we need to come a new. Just get and save money you can;t stop what’s going to happen. Might as well get prepared for it.

    • also we gosspip about getting this and that money but none of never put pen to paper its all yeah that would be nice but . man f that i want the reality . i ve seen a job aint the way no matter how much there paying even my friends who make 6 firgures the get worked hard to bone as well. no job is gonnaa get you to whre you wanna be use that bread and take yourself there . miles and you gotta be the ones that chsange up the direction we go in our familys whether investing or business the job stuff is dead

  3. hey miles what up im youngin 25 years been seeing your comments for years
    dont be hard we all been there when covid first statred i sohulda been on these stocks heavy but my ass was watching the last dance with mj lol
    what you said abouut old habbits is true think about i may not know you but they way our familys been moving where has it got us . a year 30 mortage or barley making it has not worked out . being the same will not work . im sure we all have homies who non stop talk about woman and having sex after and how to get them . the same old converstation sports ,sex and gossip . shits gets old . and espcially when you been around people for years and there not doing anything to better themselves whether its not taking care of there health working out just half assing life . and if your around long enough you see it for what it is so its best to get away . thats i take drives to rih areas to actually see the chips .

  4. What’s up, Brother Freeman. Good to hear back on the Mic. I got a question in regards to taxes. You were talking about buying everything through my own business. Right, now I am a solepriopter (excuse the misspelling). What is a good corporate structure to set up to offset taxes through business purchases ?

    Thank you

    • The best corporates structure is a LLC hands down. Protects you and keeps you away from from what your company may do. Go llc all the way plus they don’t require all the crap that you have to watch a corp.

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