Podcast 10/11/21

This podcast is the 1st of the new stuff. So enjoy blood I will!


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  1. Man freeman good to hear you again
    Been rocking with you since 2014
    Im glad your leveling up
    But im.samd your moving on
    You been a big lart in my development
    I would listen in high school
    I would read the old blog posts on rg 1 over and over again
    Go weeks listening to.the podcast straight no music even at thr gym
    . Hell i strted my vending business because of you
    . You was talking this business early . Now hella people is pro business lol😂.

    • Bruh you lead and people follow. I ain’t leaving for about a year by the time fall 2022 approaches. I have been on here for about 10 years and I don’t want to repeat the same lessons so the time has to end.. I promised I would give back and I did and will throughout the future. So enjoy this year because I’m moving on next fall but I still be around just not the r&g. By the way r&g will become a coffer shop name lol so get ready for that.

  2. Yeah you given more than enough for us to eat.
    Its time for us the listeners to move on and actually make moves in the world .

    Aint to many brugs like you that kept it real and did not try to upsell us mame us by prodyct like everyone else now a days
    Straight for the people

  3. Well don’t blame them they trying to hustle. This new generation got they own hustles I come from Crack and weed and all types of drugs and gang banging so I’m glad they moved on from that.

    I started to make sure cats had something to go after high school. I want everyone to know you can hustle forever who said we got to be like the white man.

    Just make money fuck following everyone else. You got a hustle go ahead and do it.


  4. Aye freeman when you was you new york building your business
    When you statred getting monry .
    How did you manage to not get caught up inwhat everyone else was on
    Like fronting and keep ing up with the so called lifestyle
    Like oh in need to drive amg benz or live in mahattan or wear aramni suits
    . Did you already know it was all bullshit and fake and these people where frauding . Or you slowly saw it as you where around them. That stuff did not matter in the long run

    • I wish I could say it was easy but it was hard because I couldn’t be like everyone else. People come and people go that the way life is. I promised myself I was going to make it and if no one was with me that’s the way it was. I still believe in that shit because no one will come with you and the more you try to relate the more fvcked up it is. I am lucky to still have my friends even though they don’t know me and I don’t know them but I am lucky they are around

      To make it means you have get rid of everything you know and that’s your life up to this point. You got to be alone and come to grips with that. You have to have money and come to grips with that. You have to come to grips with walking amongst everyone and being invisible. Cuz no one understands you and the more you talk about it the less they want to hang around you.

      Life as we know it is bullshit it’s just 99% of us believe it. Damn

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