It’s my bad I shut shit down during the whole Covid thing. When there’s nothing there’s nothing to do so I said fvck it and just concentrated on bettering myself. I lost the password to facebook but fvck it that time is dead. I got everyone’s email so expect a email from me soon to tell you I’m back.

It’s funny to me how things are setting up because motherfvckers ain’t going back. People ain’t gonna take this shit anymore that why motherfvckers ain’t working. Working for Amazon is taking everybody since they are paying more. So here in Atlanta no one is working fast food they got to pay the new rate of $15. I’m laughing because with that unemployment check, not paying rent and Covid still going cats just ain’t working. The shit is hilarious to me because the burger places still trying to pay cats low so nobody going back.

I want to start my burger place but that shit is next year when all this shit dies off. It’ll be over at the end of the year. Boats are backed up on the docks and I mean everything is fvcked up right now. At lease the Lakers are coming back on soon and football is alright.

So tell everyone FreeMan is back and get everyone to reconnect with me. Just get blogposts from the R&G and you can always email me Either way we must move on so we can be good next year and years beyond.