For Havens sake- 1st podcast

I woke up this morning and thought I gotta be consistent in the way I handle this world. Meaning the GOVT, COVID and random people walk around like things aren’t going to get bad. Now I am not trying to go out and say it loud but it’s already bad. I’ve been trying to get temp job but they want overqualified people to do something temporarily but maybe just maybe it’ll be permanent. Shit is funny right now and all I keep thinking is shit is going to get bad. I have had plenty of bad arguments with family as I am the only one who says things are going to get bad. Bad to where I can’t describe what I see.

Now they say you are pessimistic but I am a survivor. I don’t make up fake shit I see how the world will really be. What I see right now is a big amount of people acting like things are OK when shit is getting worse. They don’t see rich people are selling everything the have to all the poor people. They don’t see the car companies are selling used cars making money as people are cars that will never be worth it. It’s like Compton all over again when my friends used to say they got got.

All I can say to those that listen is sell shit you can’t afford and hold your money. Maybe I’m too desperate or too loud or too of an outsider but damn things are going to be bad. The government is saying they need to raise the debt ceiling, they saying their ain’t no jobs except retail, they making Christmas season is like regular, they making programs because they know it will be bad. My nephew believes I am seeing things wrong but deep down when he talks to me he admits shit is looking bad.

I am just going to say it SHIT GOING TO BE BAD….. someone should.

Download here –Cut & Paste it and you hear my real voice!


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  1. Freeman, can I hit you still at I’d like to run an idea past you.

  2. Freeman i cant copy paste or listen to the epsiodecis something wrong with it

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