Time to get going

It’s time for me to fully get back to the R&G so get ready for the podcast and get ready for me to comeback. The vaccines are out and I think we are coming to an end of this. I mean they got one coming out for kids 5-12 from Pfizer so end of the year it’s gone. Time to get back to work time to get back to the R&G time to get back to living. Now I’m not saying it’s back to normal but it’s getting back to living.

So with that said here’s what being offered very soon a podcast and a facebook page. Very soon like next week I’ll be back to things as usual. Very soon it all comeback as the time is done and we got to get prepared for coming recession and people selling everything. Real talk all these people haven’t paid their mortgage, the restaurants don’t have enough people and shits about to get bad. They holding out saying it’s going to get better but it’s going to get worse. The recession is one thing contributes to the downfall of another. Not working means people can’t pay for things. People can’t pay for things equal they no housing. No housing means massive foreclosures. Massive foreclosures means it’s about to get bad with no end in sight.

I got a nephew that thinks things are going to return to normal. I think this is going to be a bad one with everyone we know leaving. At the end I say think really think and not think things are returning to normal. If they give you 9 months to survive what would you do? I’d say SURVIVE and that’s what we are going to get prepared for.


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  1. Maaannnn I’ve missed your podcasts. A buddy of mine were just talking and was wondering where have the podcasts been. Normally I catch your drops from FB. But then I got to thinking, I should check the r&g website. You’ve been here the whole time, haha! “Time to get going” is definitely the theme. Working on something new myself. Good to see you’re still around, my brother!

  2. Freeman,

    How did you get okay with leaving people behind? I’m reaching a new level (both opportunities and chip-wise) and conversations with my folks are getting fewer and fewer because either they don’t understand what I’m talking about or don’t care. If they wasn’t family and childhood friends I would’ve been dusted them off but I’m pissed because I’m trying my hardest to show them the promised land but they refuse to come with.

    I guess it’s my version of your story about heading off the law school and trying to get your homie to come with. I know what the end result was (you got your chips right); I’m trying to figure out how to get over the crazy mix of feeling like I’m going Hollywood and the fear of making it alone.

    I dunno man, I look around and I’m like “this is all y’all want?” A cool lil’ house to rent, a job you can complain about to your friends and a legacy of life tricking?

    When you hit that next level in the game, were you able to relate to cats at that level? How do you find commonality when you’re zeroed in on the chip chase 100%?

    • Nope no! I don’t relate to anyone where I’m at now. I aint settling I aint happy to have a suburb house I aint to sad about the past. You grew and left people and things and it will never be the same. You feel sad because you entered a field where few follow. The truth is those are the brakes. Believe me how do you think I feel being in this game since 30. You don’t relate because you grew and am never going back

      You’re not alone it’s just you don’t have childhood friends that all. Think of it this way would you rather have nothing… NO…. so this is the new life and we’re never coming back. You didn’t leave them they just didn’t keep going. You’ll have friends for specific reasons no longer for everything.

  3. Aaron bruh im around but can’t find the facebook pswd so ehh fck it Im moving on. Stay tuned as Im going to deliver something that will make you decied to leave for good.

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