I’m going for it

To put it plain I’m going for it. I can’t be like everyone else and sit here and watch things die and then make a after that plan. I’m strictly tired of waiting and just going to launch the next food business to make some money. I know they raising minimum wage, I know they don’t got enough workers, I know the shit will change by the end of the year but fvck it I’m gone. I can either watch my money disappear or I can spend it. I don’t want a good job I want to run my business. Fvck this I’m gone!

As you may know I’ve been thinking about the business for about a year. Waiting for the damn covid to end so I can scoop it out. Watching other food businesses be understaffed, watching the owner put in hours and watching people quit….fvck it. I know it sounds like I am going to lose money but I won’t. Its really me being determined and getting it done. I’m tired of waiting I’m just tired. I was watering my 40 trees today thinking this is bullshit I need to go.

So I’m gone but I got time for the R&G. Just these are the burger months of the R&G. I’m around but the R&G will be different because its whatever I’m going through that makes the R&G interesting. I’m still writing the book, still making money but this time I got to open a business. I’ve been writing the whole business plan a year already DAMN. So this is the time.

Next time patna!


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  1. Get it mane. I still remember that podcast you had back in the day talking about sitting outside KFC eating a dollar stacker counting the people coming in during lunch hour. ATL is the home of the food hustle, and getting yours cracking (especially with the finger food niche like burgers and wings) you’ll get up to speed in no time flat bruh.

    • Welllllll I got to wait crap came up so I delay the go date til may. I hate saying that but that’s the right thing for the right time. But the burger place is ready to go. The biggest thing is no franchise fees its mine. Just got to wait and see. We waiting for the end then go. Shit is crazy right now so I’ll wait. Not for long it I have to wait.

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