One of the homies put this on the last post and asked how much do I have and need to be cool. So my house and my car is paid off and I pay utilities so that’s really all I have to pay. No loans, No car note, No mortgage no nothing! Once you pay off your house a 2000 month job is good money because you don’t spend it. I tried to tell this other cat it’s about not having anything to pay than have so much money to handle it. It’s about you not going to work than making way more money needed at work. It’s about doing everything for yourself not doing after work. Making money is lonely and I have been this way since I started Brokerage ….. I’m used to it now.

See what cats don’t understand rich is not have anything to pay. Rich isn’t having so much that the bills don’t bother you. That’s what most cats think you can handle cars, houses, loans and all kinds of shit. NO NO NO its about having nothing to pay so you end up feeling good because you don’t have to go to work. Now I’m not talking about working from home I’m talking about NOTHING NOTHING! People will say they are rich only thing they have to pay is mortgage. Shit nothing is nothing when you have no money going out you’re wealthy.

Now what I have to say will be too much to handle. Pay off your house, car and school loan then talk to me. If you have any of those three you are working to pay the shit off. I don’t have to work because no on says I owe them. That’s rich not the amount of money but nothing is going out. It just accumulates day after day after day. You would think that motherfvckers are rich and they are doing it with 2k a month. Rich and wealthy is only about not owing anyone not because you can afford you debt. They trick and con everyone with that thinking when in reality you aint rich wealthy you just lowered your debt. Wealthy and Rich are completely having do debt. The debt is on something else not you.