The Last Days

I intend to write what you will need for the rest of your life. I mean how to make money and ignore the poor as they sound good but they want to keep working. As far as I’m concerned I’ve been really lucky that I was born poor and no matter what people say I got out of this game. Many will tell you how they made money but it’s really simple. Many will say they have a plan but again it’s not a plan. Many have dreams of millions but they enjoy working. Real talk all you have to do is make money and sacrifice probably 2 years and you won’t have to do it again.

I think motherfuvkcers like the idea of chasing money but get married have kids and die being a title. Then they wish and hope that they kids will peep game but how many cats end up making the middle class. C’mon man I’m talking that forever dough instead of that I’m doing good dough. When you’re in your 20’s you piss it all away. Then in your 30’s it’s all about setting your kid and a house. Then in your 40’s you get to retire and your kids do the same cycle again and all you get is some cruise. C’mon you know it’s bullshit but keep going for it and going for it. In fact as long as you talk the game of going for it then you never see years go by of not having it.

I got it and was sitting back at 30 saying what do I do now. I even went back to work just to be around people! I had money and didn’t know what to do with my life. I gained weight and talking to you all for years! Now it was worth it because I spent years of my life wondering what do I do. I got some great travel and fun and I sit here again now that did i that whats next,

See the game it to get out not to increase your credit rating (con), finance a car and a house (con) and go on vacations (con). The game it not to play that it get your money and get out of the game. I remember this cat who bought his house young and spent days asking me what next on the R&G. He already was at the end and was like FreeMan do I do this and that and go back in debt. I was on my grind too making nothing and being nothing so I didn’t know what to say. I should’ve said homie it’s over and just live your life…. And that’s what I’m going to detail in the coming books.

Stop looking for a reward and just be glad you don’t have to go through it again. The shit is simple and all of us can get it before 25 but we always have to wonder what next. There is no next homie the shit is done. Go away like me and enjoy never being poor again. Now lets concentrate on taking over.

If only you cat’s would listen! We all want to be Free-Man that’s it.


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  1. If u dont mind me asking, how much $ had you made when you felt like you were free from the game? What $ amount you think is good overall today, is it the same or different as when you made it?

    • My house was paid my car was paid and I have about 5K a month. Now I spend less that 1K a month because once you have enough I just pay for entertainment. In this time there less entertainment. So really I just pay utilities thats it.

  2. Everyone thinks I am gone since I left Facebook. Really I can’t remember pswd so fuvk it I will start it again for a second to get the message out.

  3. That’s the real goal – to be done and never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. I think people get so caught up in what they think money is that they don’t realize how simple it is. Real money is the ability to do nothing and not lose it all.

    The man who can stop working and his life remains the same is truly wealthy. His lifestyle has already been cemented via his work in the preceding years. His living situation is paid for. His transportation is paid for. He has ample reserves or cash flowing assets that pay for his lifestyle. If he works, he works only when he needs extra money or when he wants extra money for something out of the ordinary. But money does not control his life because his life is already setup for freedom.

    But most think money is having a huge McMansion, new cars every two years and a nice title at a job. The opposite is true.

    Wealth is being able to go see a movie on a Tuesday morning and having the theatre to yourself while everyone else is just sitting down at their desk after sitting in rush hour traffic.

    Looking forward to the books!

    • Bruh I couldn’t say it better. You validated my lifestyle as I live exactly how you save but making more of my business. The true person with money is the person who doesn’t have to do anything and only does things because he wants to. I swear I do more but that’s because I’m bored to death. So here comes the books but I have restaurant, houses and living good for the rest of my life.

      It’s book writing mode on overload as I want to get something out for the down fall coming. Believe me this set of books isn’t about money it’s about survival. I never thought I’d be writing this book but it’s time.

    • Now I’m realizing I should have been a job hunter I find jobs for my friends all the time.

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