The end Not Yet

“Behold, do not be alarmed; for it is necessary to take place, but the end is not yet.”

I’m glad that I get to announce this well be the end not this but we are coming to an end. I think around the turn of the year I’ll be finished with my last and final book under Daniel FreeMan…. I might change my name again. With that being said Im going to write a book that will tell you how to move on in life, I DID; so why not you. Fvck trying to be something I’m just going to tell you the end. See in this life we want to be something, beat someone, climb this mountain when in reality you can end it here and be alright for the rest of your life. I sit here and listen to my nephew and I think he’ll grow out of it but for those who grew up like me I never wanted to be in it. I just wanted to make money to stop being poor not to ride in a car, with clothes and the new phone …. I DIDN’T WANT ALL OF THAT. In fact my nephew thinks I could be doing so much more proving to the YT people that I’m better that them. Man fvck that I just want to chill fvck competing overall just fvck them. On my way up I was alone and then I made money and thought it was best to be alone. Shit I learned that in the beginning.

With this last book under DFree I’m just going to make it plain I’ll leave it up to you if you still want to be better than the average white man. We’re not lesser than we are better than…. and we just got caught up in their life. It’s time to get out of their hair and live our kinky nappy but smooth life. So what I am writing is really your freedom papers and if you turn back that’s on you. If you read it but don’t learn it that’s on you. If you look for better ways to beat them that’s on you. I ain’t writing a way to be better I am writing the way we know is right without getting caught up in the dreams of being white.

So I know you thought I would be here forever. Really I am I actually like talking to you all but it will be different. Different about how I go about it getting money is the answer. Afterall I am from Compton and I learned that none of these mawfvckers matter just me. I spent a lot of time trying to save the world by getting what others never thought they could have. Now I am going to say it, write it and then you will either do it or not. Remember I ain’t going nowhere I still like talking money but I’m talking the end game not how to compete and whats fair.

After all I am a African/Black/Negro/Colored man shit. We let them tell us what we are for far too long. Now I see Freedom so I am going to share it with you.

“Behold, do not be alarmed; for it is necessary to take place, but the end is not yet.”


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  1. This is what the fight was always for. While I’ll miss Daniel FreeMan, I know he was a messenger used to spread the message, not become the message itself. Whoever or whatever comes next for you brother, I want you to know that the last 10 years has NOT been in vain. There are cats like me who took the game for what it was and did something with it.

    There is no savior; save yourself and leave breadcrumbs so others can do the same themselves–I recently came to that conclusion myself! That said, all I ask of you brother FreeMan is to enjoy your life and if possible, keep this site active (I still remember FreeMan Press from way back in the day) so I can continue to point people to it.

    If you’re ready to let it all go and completely move on, I feel you; my goal was always to have a Google Drive archive of the podcasts so I can put the young homies up on them as they come around.

    • I’m going to write one more book laying it out for everyone. I got to help y’all see past the recession for another generation. After that in gone and I’ll leave the website up for 1 more year.

      Don’t worry I ain’t leaving in still hustling so enjoy the next six months. I’m around homie I just have to take the next step. Stay tuned..

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