Welcome back to the Rise & Grind show brought to you by Geico, a great idea a lizard selling car insurance! I’ve been gone this week so I am back now and things are going well. Well enough for right now but I live in Atlanta so all these people are dying around me here in the South. You would think the white people would go and get the shot. But they’re dying so….

Well the lesson for today is you have to get the shot. The alternate is death or a really fucked up life. Unless you get to sit in your house for the next 5 years you might as well get it. I have people around me who tell me all the bad stuff of the shot but I quickly tell them it’s your thing not mine so fvck talking to me about it. For the people who got it and got out of it we will see if they have good health. There is no choice in this one so stay in the house or get the shot. Don’t worry the cats in the house will get it sooner or later.

So I’d tell you upfront it’s your life but I got mine and I’m living. There is no choice so either I die or I live….I’d rather live.

More later….