I played the lottery the whole year it costs about $104 so it pays to play. I did that to let you guys know that I still believe in luck and figured I might as well pay $104 just for the chance at millions. Fvck it right I would’ve spent that shit on a gas bill so let it go.

OK OK OK lets get down to business you need to save at least one year of payments and you got a while to get it together. While most cats are thinking things are headed back to normal you and I know it ain’t coming back. So get a job making money and get while the getting good. It’s better to be OK than alright, alright is better that I can make it, I can make it is better than I ain’t worried about it and I ain’t worried about it is better than it ain’t going to go down. This is end shit were talking here that’s why all money should go to your survival. All of them mawfvckers going to move way be broke you will survive. Why because I telling you right now damn it!

OK OK let the house gone while you can get a lot of money for it. See I got motherfvckers telling me the houses are selling. That’s because YT folks know the game and getting out of it… you are the only one thinking its time to buy. DUMBASS! A lot of ya’ll know what time it is and know you struggling to make a payment so why not get out with cash. You think the housing going to return to what you’re selling it today…NOPE. I got friends who want to sell later on and that’s shit. Damn homie let go of the house this ain’t your dream it’s just the reality that you got at the time LET GO!

OK now you got money no debt. Oh yeah fuck paying debt you might as well let that shit go the economy going down so don’t pay that. Get another car homie say goodbye to the 22’s and say hello to the 13’s. You see all the shit is going down and you the one still holding on. Be free and that means no debt pay the shit you have to pay fvck the shit you don’t have to. I lowered all my bills to $650 that’s it I’m ready for this recession

Now you’ll get all back but much cheaper you’ll see they selling ass for $10. If you don’t believe the YT’s are selling all their extra shit for cash. They not keeping shit cash it king and you’re treating it like a kid. No matter what YT or Black people saying the end of game it coming and you’d better cash out. You can be rich in about 5 years when houses will be for sale for nothing and you can recoup it all for f or 1/5 of what you originally paid for it. Remember the recession is going to go down to 1/5 so you need to have raw cash to play this game.

It ain’t comfortable it just is. So say goodbye to the BMW and hello to the Yugo!


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  1. Word. Question for you Freeman:

    A while back, you said you needed to be cold to the game, and that’s a lesson I need to learn to make it to that next step. Reason why is because a business partner of mine who comes from old black money (who ironically is colorist, sexist and racist in her own right even though she’s blacker than black) showed me that she considers me nothing more than the hired help (I’m a minority owner in the business) and that I’m not invited into that black boule lifestyle.

    I won’t lie homie, that shit shook me because even though we’re building a company to sell, I thought that she appreciated that I was a cat who got it out the mud and wanted to reach the top of the mountain. I guess not. It’s like you see the rules on the board in the classroom but you never really pay attention to them until your knuckles get cracked with the ruler.

    The game is the game is the game, right?

    • See homie you want respect and recognition so much so you think she is disrespecting you. Money Money Money is the recognition you need in this game. As long as you don’t really talk to her think you have a piece of the game and keep your distance. Many people think recognition is a piece of the game but it’s isn’t it’s just money. Get your money and leave her alone she got her own reasons for doing things and you just came for money. Treat it that way no emotion just getting money nothing else.

      • You right; and now I realize I got caught in the twist a little bit trying to get into that old money world not realizing that respect and recognition is the devil. I can’t ever be like them because I’m from the bottom and making 1st generation wealth. I didn’t go to Harvard or join some skull and crossbones fraternity.

        From this day forward IDGAF about who your friends are, that you kicking it in the Hamptons–none of that. If it ain’t about paper, I’m not involved and even my involvement is contingent on me coming in, doing the job, and getting out.

        Like you said Freeman, we should be mercenaries in this game; one shot, one kill, move on.

        • Good you got to have e no emotion about everything. Most people are assholes the jigheryou get in the game so you got to concentrate on the chips
          I play it this way in hearto make a deal not a friend. Rich people think you want to be down all I want is the money.
          If we keep our minds on cop and blow then we’lll win. It’s a game and you let people matter when they dont.

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