I keep thinking that I’m going to quit but every time someone says their speech. So with that I continue and will continue for years to come. I lost facebook but ahh I was tired of playing that game. This version of R&G will be talking straight up to you without me trying to soften what I think, say or do. On a personal note I quit the job I had and left for good. You always hear about me starting the next business and Im moving on to accomplish things you will all see.

I had the opportunity to really sit down with this coming recession. I’m not complaining I am instead waiting for it to be over. I am relaxed and not worried about the future. I know now all the shit you are paying attention to is just shit. For years you hesitate to buy a house but have to get it. For years you hesitate to do what has to be done. For years you hate recession while knowing you can take care of it now. Fun and work don’t go together. My grandfather told me to do it when I graduated from college but I didn’t pay attention. Luckily I made money and paid off everything but the shit hurt like 110,000 bucks aka I had to get right

The truth of the matter you have to do it otherwise you will be gone. How many times will you have to repeat the same shit and write to me saying what about this. The thing is you have to get it done the faster the better Food,Clothing and Shelter is GODS law. We have to realize we waste time playing the game when we can have it over. I played and I made millions and bought a house and damn near lost it all. But, I survived and am here and looking at my house saying at least you paid the shit off. I owe no one but I own somethings. Thank GOD I was born poor because I didn’t listen to everyone else. My nephew is going through it but he knows in the end it has to be done…. DO YOU?

This is the 2nd recession we have to deal with. Alot of you have been with me for over 10 years. Hopefully you finally do what you can do because I don’t think this post will exist forever. Like I said in the beginning “I keep thinking that I’m going to quit” but I will after this recession. I got to help you survive but I can’t help you live.


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  1. Man, I been rocking with you Free since the Dollar Menu post. Since then, I’ve moved to both coasts twice and ended up in the ATL like you. What always kept me in grind mode was 2008, when the world cracked open and we all saw what was in the middle: people out here getting left behind because they refused to adapt.

    I promised myself I’d never be caught out on my ass again and I haven’t. With this new wave, it’s less about the shiny shit people like to floss on IG, and more about how you move during lean times.

    I’ve been casting line after line out into the “stream of cream” (shouts out to you Freeman for coining that term) and with each try getting better and better return. My plan is to build (or at least help build) the infrastructure for our folk to be sovereign, self-sufficient and able to do any and all things through the God in them.

    Long story short, Freeman, I’m giving you your flowers while you can still smell them because when I first got introduced to you I was a scared, lost kid in a new city (LA at the time) who didn’t know up from down and was stuck in a cycle of bottom feeder dead end jobs. Now, using the game you’ve blessed us with for 10 years, I’ve been steadily stacking chips and plotting on a better future for me, my family and my people.

    Thank you homie; you are appreciated.

    • Thanks man. I won’t let you go during the rough bad times but after that I’m gone. I’m tired of writing stuff but R&G will morph into my business so I’m not gone I’m just going towards business. It’s been like 10+ years but this is the 2nd time I have to write. One more book too because it’s time to get you on money track…. to survive not to play this game again. So follow along because life will go somewhere but I’ll always be around.

  2. I’ve been with you since my college days so it been a minute. I’ve taken head to your words and cut down my debt so much. My only problem is that I didn’t start a business. So this recession I’ll pivot and definitely will buy a house. I’m from Georgia so that’s where I’ve been thinking. I want to retire in 10 years and right now it looks like 15 if I don’t wake up and pay attention and get focus. I’m in the military so within 6-8 years I can move into government contracting make good money and live a private life. I’m surviving but I need to step it up so I can thrive. Salut !

  3. Well you got the thing that will keep you good for five years. As my boys in the service do you can save save save money that when you come out you got money. Don’t worry I aint gone just different. I’ll always be around til you feel you don’t need me. LOL

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