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Today is a day of days. Now I just quit my job which I had for about two weeks but they were just a bad pick. I’m not one to one to complain but it is what it is. I got my money tied up in savings vehicles which are for a time they can not be touched. This is the best way to save and not to lose. But, that’s besides the point my money has been stolen and it’s coming back but I was at the supermarket.

Damn, I called the bank and everyone is on it and they found the money. Now it was a bank mistake and it wasn’t mine but it fvcked me up as I thought they got me. I worked hard on making two accounts at two different banks one for bills and one for saving. I thought they got me damn I set it up to make sure no one can access my money. I spend grocery money on one card and the other with money it never leaves my desk. This had me fvcked up and I just now coming down.

Now I’m good things are back to normal and I got my groceries but I’ll never forget. Shit I put the accounts into hiding and only used the money for today’s problems. I’m glad it’s over but I’ll never forget.


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  1. Hello brother Freeman.. I’m glad it all worked out… In the current climate, What specific business would you start with 30k?

  2. Keep your money wait as the economy goes down do not spend save. The goal now a days is just to save in about 5 years everything will come down but don’t go out there today. it’s best to save.

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