Quit job what?

Let me say it to you up front you need to keep your job. Unless you want to work at McDonalds and serve those french fries keep your job. See what I’m getting at is after this year they will fire alot of you and you need to get your money. Working in International Trade it happens every year this time so I’m used to it every year. But, that me talking about that a job is extra money not how I live me life. No matter where you are keep your job your getting in when things are low so you’re going to on when they sell normally.

Now I’m always talking about quit your job and open a business but it’s specific this time. I say start fast food and be close to their neighborhood because those people will keep you paid. There will be opportunities with foreclosures and property but that’s it. For all of you playing stocks I’m sure there’s some but that about it. I feel like I tell you the same thing for a decade now and sooner or later you’ll get it. There’s only a couple things that are worth money food, clothing and shelter. Fast food will survive, everybody needs drawers and housing is what the rich own. The rest of it is flash in the pants and it might be hot but it’s not worth hanging on to treat it like a hustle and make you money. FCS is the basis for everything always start there when times get bad and your hustles don’t/won’t work.

They look like they are hiring right now but, they are trying to get back working not get back selling. We have been off a whole year DAMN! That’s why they are selling houses because the con men are trying to con you one last time. If you but a houses you are fvcking stupid nothing more to say but fvcking stupid, Biden is passing all kinds of bailouts and its’ bad we are dealing with COVID not because things are going to be nice. That’s why you make gamble now because when it’s gone it’s gone. You know I’m telling the truth but you want things to go back to normal. I’ve been through this and lost of friends and you will too. Sad isn’t the word it’s MOVE ON because you survived.

So to wrap it up keep you job and make as much money as possible. I’ll be selling hamburgers and stacking and buying property commercial property. So get ready Im going to own a burger business and you can’t have one, I refuse to sell anything it’s time to build the empire. I figure I got 10 years to get rich and then when everyone comes around your kids will be what makes me rich. DAMN


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    • Like I always say there is a time to get educated up. Now is the time to think about Law School about whatever school again and go and get that degree. The economy is going down and if you have to survive it.

      Teaching is good because it survives so that’s good. But what’s going to profitable FOOD,CLOTHING AND SHELTER. You have to go back to basics so if ain’t in that realm im not OKing it.

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