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Fvck trying to make money this is survival. I know you are turning down jobs because you think it will go back to normal! We are in the last days of this generation and I’m talking about those of you who have been kids and probably at 27 or 28 years old. This will clear you motherfvckers out as you will suffer because you are not thinking about the future you’re living for the moment. Lets says it up front Im working to save up five years. Now I don’t owe alot but 5 years is my plan. I FVCKING HATE RECESSIONS BUT I’M GLAD WE GOT TIME.

Why will it clear your generation out? Well you really don’t know what’s ahead of you and think you’ll survive. Even as I write my nephew who is your age doesn’t believe me. No jobs, the houses are being raised with no sense at all, and things will change and I mean people. I’m telling you because this is the 2nd time I’ve been through it and I’m not stupid like buying a house right now! So let’s get down to it!

Save money I don’t care how you do it but save money. Now since most of yall ain’t thinking you think I save 200 a month….NO! I’m talking about save rent money and that is alot more especially just to give you how much you need to save. Worry homie worry because you need to save like a year to two… definitely save 1/2 year. If you have jobs that are built for this then I wouldn’t worry about it. But do you have a recession proof job and I’m talking about where the company thinks it’s best to keep you than to fire you.

Look that’s it GET YOUR FVCKING MONEY! The rest of the shit that mawfvckas will tell you is about ways to get around it, There’s no way around this shit besides saving you money. Look they trying to rob you in the houses after that drys up then they get the unemployment, then you going to see a mass evactuation. Real talk I bought my house after the recession and the price was 25K now it’s worth over 500K!

I can say what you can do but just save money. If that means not going out then don’t go out this shit will be bad. Tune in as we try to get you prepared for leaving people. Real talk I only have one friend who survived the last one (besides you all) and he knows who he is. You will see but if you survive its a big come up when the banks sell those houses on foreclosure! Real Talk!


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  1. The coming flood of evictions is coming. And unemployment will run out in September. Q4 2021 is going to be rough. So will Q1 2022 and most likely most of 2022.

    For the people that bought houses in the last 6-12 months, they’re going to feel it since housing prices are going to drop soon. Hell, some say the prices are already starting to drop. So, they are going to be underwater before their first year in the house.

    I’m thinking about buying a second chest freezer for the basement and stacking up food like its Y2K all over again LMAO. Hell, I’m even researching how to plant fruits and vegetables.

    2022 is going to be an interesting year.

    • Homie I thought I was the only who saw the not so great depression. We got time to get money stacked up for a couple years because people are gone so say Goodbye. Man I’m trying to make it and get ready for people to leave. I’ll be out to NYC to break out but really it’s just me damn. Right 2022will be depressing

  2. Please make a podcast. I am worried about the future. Long time ago like 30 years ago my great grandmom said they these devils would not let black folk stay in the cities and would one day drive us out. My mom asked her where would we go, and she pointed to the woods! That’s a true story!

    • Homie the software doesn’t work for me but I keep trying. Damn man I know mevovals really get the feeling in it but for right now all I can say is coming soon. Homie I really think that’s where people are going but that’s down here there’s no woods in LA just desert. LOL

      • Sorry man I understand, won’t ask about podcasts anymore. Do you think what we are headed for will be worse than the 80’s and early 90’s in terms of crime? Should I buy land somewhere in the middle of gotdamn New Mexico and live out a fkin RV? I got guns, and a carry license but man I am thinking about buying Kevlar or some shit. I feel like this shit about to turn into that movie Sicario with the headless mofos strung up under a damn bridge half on fire. And this C19 shit, man I heard that shit has permanent damages! Like people cant taste food or breath right a year out. It feels like these devils are trying to make black people suffer so much, that we have no choice but to rise up, and then they can erase us like they have always wanted to….

        • Damn homie take care of yourself first. Do t worry about the world they aren’t worried about you. The best black man you can be is healthy and alive concentrate on that first.2nd help family 3rd other blacks if everyone did that we would be alright. We let them determine our future but we have control. GET OUTand get secure . We are in way better control of our lives if we dont worry about other races but worry about our own. It’s not racist its us. We can care about is 1st then care about others. We have to be black first then everything will be for the better

  3. When will buying a house be great ? I’m Overseas for now but looking for land for the future since we going back to the woods lol. A lot of this is crazy. I see what you mean by those over 30 its a wrap. The roof is on fire and I don’t want to panic but I’m a little more than anxious.

  4. Time to buy will be 2025 or earlier depending on when that generation gives up. They might be selling houses for 10l if everyone leaves Real Talk

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