We can’t win

From the time I was born I was poor. I mean we didn’t have anything so I spent the next 25 years of my life trying to get it never stopping for dumb shit just trying to get more. If there was a happy time I was appreciative for the sun showing through the clouds. From 15 to 25 I was in hell and I was determined to get out. I did everything I could think of hustling to just finishing law school. I passed brothers up because I knew there had to be more.

So when I write something I hope you take it and abide by it, not because I want to be smart. (I WANT YOU TO WIN) To win in this game you got to damn near watch everyone you know spend 20 years to amount to nothing. Then they give up and settle being dumb, not in intelligence but in life, Being Black if we buy in we will get got not. There has been plenty of Blacks before us who knew this shit is a con. But, they are dead and I will die too but I plan to get my kids and those in my family to know the truth.

So what’s the lesson for today? Get ready for bad times and it ain’t going to get better in 10 years. It’s time to shift gears because the future isn’t today and you need to look into the future. Simply put it’s time to do things like you grandpop and save/make money the old way the tried and true way. Houses and simple shit will return and that’s just about everything you can bet on. Oh yeah simple restaurant will work we in the time of bullshit… who want a burger that has a hint of orange peel.

It’s simple homie do what works for you stop trying to find something that survives your just wasting your time. All that shit going to crash and the only thing left is rich people and their ideas. Your probably saying fck you FreeMan you don’t know everything. Your right I don’t know everything I know something. What makes money during the recession – FOOD,CLOTHING, SHELTER (FCS) and if you went to school you’ve been hearing that since you were born. All this shit will be gone except FCS so focus on that. The rich make money off the hustles that come up but when their gone they go back to the basics. Real talk watch the stock market watch they say the basics. We’re the only people who don’t realize that.

Money is get stable not to get rich. If you do everything that’s stable then you’re gone to be alright. FCS homie FCS that’s all this world is about. You’ve got to believe me because everyone is gone with their ideas.

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  1. 100% agree.

    Alongside what brother Freeman said, I’ll add what I’m doing right now in real-time:

    1. I learned a bunch of high income skills. A high income skill is a set of expertise that can be used forever and exists outside of a job or a degree. For example, salesmanship is a high income skill. Copywriting is a high income skill. Consulting is a high income skill. Digital marketing is a high income skill.

    What makes them high income is that they exist outside traditional education, and have been and will be valuable to the marketplace since forever because most people focus on finding gold, not trying to sell axes if you dig what I’m saying. You can use these skills to create your own products and services (I do both all the time), or in lean times become a mercenary and get a job with them (I slip in and out of jobs using these skills all the time). Being good at one of these skills trumps a degree nearly every single time because you can easily show the value you bring (I have portfolios, testimonials, reviews, etc. I sling like Spider-man).

    Plus, high income skills are often stackable–learning to write copy meant I learned how to sell. Learning how to sell meant I learned how to sell online aka digital marketing. So on and on.

    2. I learned how to manage my time, a budget and other people – When you work a job, you’re locked into whatever your schedule is. When you learn how to manage your time, you can get more done in less time, making you not only effective, but efficient too. When you learn how to manage a budget, you can often help clients get things done under budget (and include a performance kicker that gives you a bonus for saving them money). When you learn how to manage people, you can delegate/outsource a bulk of the work and get things done without lifting a finger.

    3. Systemizing – Once you learn a high income skill and how to manage time, budgets and people, you can then start building systems around your skill (e.g. a niche copywriting offer for eye doctors) where you act as middleman between clients and contractors. You can grow and scale your operation this way.

    4. Stack your bread and invest – My thing is fixing internet businesses and either flipping them for a profit or systemizing and automating them so they create consistent bread. Multiple streams of income means you can check your traps only a couple hours a day and then do whatever you want with the rest of your time.

    I’m not a millionaire yet but I know how to hustle and spot opportunities and it’s served me well over the bandemic.

    • Yo Miles sounds like you got the game in a choke hold and moving in the right direction. You made mention of copywriting and digital marketing which are two areas I’m looking to expand in. If you are willing to lace your brother with some game then drop me your email and I’ll reach out to you. My email is lavacuts@gmail.com.

    • Well as much as you’re ready keep logging in money because it’s going to be bad one. I think as much as you want it’s going to be bad. It’s good that you thought it through but the only things will keep you good is money. It ain’t being prepared with education this is all money.

      • Off rip. That’s why I’m putting out new hustles big and small to keep bread rolling in while keeping expenses low. @Dee I’ll hit you up homie, in the meantime check out the Reddit subreddit about copywriting called r/copywriting; the very first post is enough to get you started.

  2. Khalil D. McDaniel July 31, 2021 — 5:55 am

    Freeman what’s your email? I have a few good hustles I can send your way that you can give to others if they need one. It’s similar to your quick hustles. I’ve made a lot of money off of each so they’re tested and proven.

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