The End is near

Why did I write the end before the beginning? This ain’t a fairy-tale if you can’t realize the bad shit is coming then thank you for reading. I write the bad because you might not be with me forever and I want you to survive. I am so I might as well hope and help other blacks so I won’t be alone. Real talk only a few will and I learned that from the last recession. So I really hope to see you in Manhattan when it’s time to disappear or buy a condo for dirt cheap. I’ll always be where they sell pastrami and when you get to New York you’ll know where I’ll be.

So what I said is the key which is sell everything and adjust earlier than everyone. The majority of people will not plan and will be assed out. Start a business that will make money and if you grew up poor then you already know. While the majority enjoy eating high on the hog those of us found food that is cheap. Don’t get scared because I wrote it and you read it so that mean you know.

I know I can’t save you because you have to save yourself. From this point on I will be helping you to get through it. Shit, I’m going to be launching my own spot that will be designed for the recession so I’m living what I’m telling you. Real talk everything will be cheap to buy once the end is here. So if you listen and do you’ll have money to buy everything.

Alright back to the R&G regular programming see you Monday!


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  1. What’s up FreeMan. What if you have a lot of consumer debt. Do you recommend paying it all down as quick as possible even if doing so will leave your savings empty?

    • Homie let your credit go bad and hold on to your money. They expect it out of you so it will be forgiven. Unless you trying to buy a house you might as well wait this one out. This is the forgotten years it’s time to look forward to the people who think America is everything not us who found out it’s nothing

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