You playing, sell any and everything while the money is good. A lot of people want to enjoy life but aren’t looking at whats happening. Houses will go down – think about the cat’s who haven’t paid but at the same time they say you can get a deal. THE DEVIL IS AMONGST US! Your job is gone or will be once the recession hits full force. The cars ain’t being financed with the hopes you are going to pay them. They are saying sell Crack while you can …we’ll get it back.

They brought back the economy just to give the devil time to get good. So get good financially and that means sell sale sail… the fvck away. The shit is a con and they about to get a whole generation in trouble but it’s their time to get got. It’s like gambling – get all the money while you’re winning but know it’s bad times on the horizon.

Simply Put … get out of debt and stack money! All things that amount to debt going to fvck you up. Houses, Cars and any kind of loans! Watch the stock market transactions cuz cat’s getting out of debt aka writing off shit. We the last people that will figure it out at the same time all shit is going bad, It’s going to a beautiful day. I can’t say it enough ITS A CON homie.

See the game for those who gamble is get in and get out. Ya’ll Cats forget to get out! First you buy a house you can’t afford, then you buy a car you can’t afford, finally all your school loans are whoever you owe going to come collect. They call that living it up you going to be saying 2021 was a good year when you’re broke. The whole world going to be gone then they going to say put it on the kids! Man! believe me the devil is amongst us but ain’t he fun to be around,

Finally the end is near…..