What’s the next hustle you got to see tomorrow. See whoever gets it right will make money in the recession and overall get a lot of money. Think about it what will we see when motherfvckers ain’t got it. Cheeseburger specials for $5 will do well in fact push any combo for 5 because that will be the deal. MCD’s will bullshit people with their dollar burgers but that shit don’t fill you up.

Whatever you sell moves the most for cheap. Sell out of them motherfvckers while the shit will be a deal. Like cats will think they are cheap but you don’t give a fvck. Make deals because the unconned don’t see the end is near sell anything and everything for cheap. Most cats will feel good saying they know where to get it for cheap but play wholesale on their asses. You got to count transactions instead of money. What I mean is try to move as much as you can don’t try to make money. What I mean a cat can sell them for 10 and you know it cost 1, sell it for 5 and price that motherfvcker out.

Its a CON that they got you believing that you are returning to normal.

Sell your car and sell anything that it’s worth money. I know you want to front but let it go. See if you’re early get out from under the debt you have and say goodbye. We got 8months for you to get that shit clear in your mind. You don’t want no debt you want to stack clean money. Plus that 4 year old car ain’t going to be shit in 10 years. Who fronts when shit is dying? The desperate do and those who don’t value money. Money is the key everything else is bullshit (but thats another book).

More to come……