Start going to visit your family while money good. I’m talking about everyone is conned so it’s time to enjoy going home because you know how it is with everyone. It ain’t time to go and see different cities there ain’t no time for that. Now call me poor because I’m happy it’s over I ain’t going nowhere like it’s time for vacation. You got to save for tomorrow like next year not the next day.

Sell that house because the shit is hyped to a level that is three time what it really is. Now this will be fvkced up but get your money out of that house. The shit is like 200K more than when you bought it and 200k you should be alright. Now all the dummies are getting housed putting money down but the DEVIL knows get all your money right now and wait a year because you’lll get it back. I bought my house for 35K now the shit is worth half a million but I still pay 300 a month!

Get a Job that will survive the recession. On the low end get a fast food job they paying $15 a month, the high end get all the money you can it only going to last til December. Jobs are a hustle now and you get what you can and get all the money you can. Overtime like a mawfcker is good just keep getting money.

Pay up your utilities because you going to forget about them. I know Gas, Electric, Cable, Cell Phone and all little shit you think are going to be easy to pay but cats get got on little bills so get your money up on them. Again a whole year ahead is good so you’ll have some breathing room. When shit goes dark people will steal cable, lights will be cut off and hot water will disappear. REAL TALK cats already behind and they about to get ya’ll trying to make a payment plan. That’s funny shit!

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