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Well what you need to know is Covid is coming to and end so the recession is beginning. I know there’s a group of ya’ll been in the house for year but time flies so those who ain’t within 5 (18-22) years are done. I know you think it isn’t but it’s time to move on and whether you like it or not you’re done The faster you realize that the more you can grow up and start to accumulate the house. I know you want to hang out but hey that’s over,

Next, the recession is coming so you got to get you’re money up. This is the warning so don’t say no one told you. It’s only 6 to 8 months that is time to save some money otherwise you got to move. See last recession everybody got caught up and then the rain came and washed everyone out of Atlanta. If you want to survive pay up your rent and your mortgage otherwise go stay with your MAMA.

Third, cat’s are going to be desperate to take your shit. So get out ahead of those mawfvckers because they are coming. You know the thieves, the beggars, the con men, the desperate are around the corner. You can’t warn cats because people are going to get got no matter what I say. I laugh when I run into cats who say they living it up because I know they’ll be gon tomorrow. So come to grips RIGHT NOW with people being gone. This is the 3rd time I dealt with it I’m used to it.

Fourth, find a way to make cash with eating right. They are both cheap get some hustle cash and that will take care of eating on a daily basis and get the food that lasts. Potatoes, Hamburger meat, Hot dogs, Pancake Mix, Syrup, pasta and eggs the shit is cheap. Just stack the shit up so you have enough to eat when shit runs dry. Get all the extra cash you need about a year ahead of money. This is where your Hustle skills come in handy — Make Money and Save it is all you have to do.

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  1. Damn! Done??? What do you mean exactly? You GOTTA get on the mic again man no offense but you one of the wisest people online and with the seriousness that is coming down the line, we need to hear the WHOLE view you got not just some puzzle pieces! I have an idea of what might happen but when you say DONE, …shit I wanna know what you know. On a scale 1-10 from heaven to hell, what was 2008, what was 2020 and what is 2021-2022 gonna be? I think Covid mite not be over either all these variants and shit, numbers going back up. Starting to think that shit was a damn bioweapon that got “accidentally” released from them Chinese mofos!

    • C’mon bruh you know it’s all fake. We about to get hit with some shit while motherfvckers are buying houses. In Order: First the jobs gone, then the housing gone then the economy gone all within a year. This year he trying to make you go up before you come down. Real talk think about it how mawfckers really living right now off of federal checks? Man shit is fvcked up and it’s time to put money away when it hits you’ll know. Plus they raising prices on everything so that means I ain’t buying, You think it’s getting better then it’s going to get way worse. We just getting through Covid once we good watch out. In the meantime they trying to raise the price of my house so I get taxed more.. GOTTA FIGHT

      The podcast will comeback, everything is starting for me so I gotta to get starting for all yall.

  2. Freeman glad to see you back homie. I’ve been stacking and saving because once I saw all the PPP and SBA money rolling out I knew the decline was coming. I focused on my health and dropped 35 lbs and switched up the way I moved. Sold two cars and put the money up for the rainy days that’s ahead. I’m watching the people kick it and I’m laying low. I got off of social media 4 months ago so I’m out the way. Stay down and make it through.

    • Shit i dropped 50 homie and still going while things are bad. Keep making fast money moves COP & BLOW nothing gone to be the same. For all of us who survive relax and think because cats are gone all around you. Think homie everyone you know is running from Covid,getting govt checks or working at a burger place. SHIT IS BAD

      Podcast coming…. I thought yall weren’t here. LOL

      • The wise will never leave the wisdom. We still around homie we just had to adjust like you were adjusting. One thing for sure is life as we knew it is gone so part 2 will only be what we make it. Displaying the discipline of Brother Malcolm right now…..

        • The shit changes every couple years. If you dont take it for what it is you will lose. It’s a losing generation make way for the kids.

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