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Time to start the blog again spreading doom as I usually do. Even though we lucky to have time to prepare people are thinking this shit is over. PRAY FOR THEM! I think I’m smart but this shit comes from Compton being poor. Don’t think I’m smart just remember I come from it I ain’t on this to con you.

Time to get your mind right and YES the podcast is coming back. I can’t get onto Facebook yet but it’s on the blog. With all that said I got the shots and I am back to work. I’d fckig be lying if I say I’m energized Im tired as hell probably because I have been resting for a year.

So get ready and spread the word because Fbook isn’t up. Timeto make sure your asking me the next question…. People leaving everyday welp how should I make money. This time it’s about survival not just a recession. Fcking Survival.


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  1. Damn big homie, you got them shots? I feel you, tho. Can’t let the ‘rona stop the bread. I remember you making a post back on R&G 1.0 about your daily routine; has it changed any? Are there any other money-focused shows you watch? New books you’re reading? It’s time to get back to the money and I’m trying to load up the clips to get ready for war.

    Marketing Media Money from CNBC is pretty good; it showcases how companies position themselves to step into various streams of cream.

    • Well you know when a man is finished learning he is fished living. Well im on life support. As I have focused on starting my busines and that’s it. We made it through this disease and I took a brain break.

      With that being said give me a month and I’ll have something for ya. Other than that I am starting back up and I’m tired.

      The RNG is starting again just give me a month to get fired up.

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