Warning that’s all

No matter what I say some cats are going to be mad at me for telling them things are coming. I’m getting shit right now from mawfuckas not wanting me to be right. Damn I get shit both ways for warning people and for telling this will happen no matter how you want it to be. What is Biden doing then? When did we know the president was out getting everything passed.

Man I grew up in Compton so I was born and raised dealing with more shit than a fvcking recession. Drugs, Gangs, Rape, Guns, Thieves, Cons now you grow up in that and sit here on a blog talking recession. Its not that I qualify more like I grew up dealing with shit so now that I’m a Man I feel like I need to help brothers out. I do it so you have warning I am not trying to come up off of you. I’m only saying because I can not because it’s a hustle.

With all that being said we have time to get ahead of this. We got to learn how to make money and that what this is about. This ain’t about what we want to create this is about what has to be done. Plenty of you will come by and read it for fun and those sane cats will be the ones in the Uhaul. Its a cold world and I’m used to people not surviving the things is you aren’t so get prepared.


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  1. What’s your bullet point action list look like? I remember from FB and here you saying to steady your income, but what else is there? Back in the early days of the ‘demic you were saying beans and rice—which a lot of black folks like me grew up on and understood what lean times were—but what’s the playlist for things we should be looking at now?

    • We got time to not be so low. We should stack the thing we like while we can because you don’t want to go back to beans and rice. It’s a slow recession coming so it’s going to surprise a lot of folks when it comes and when it comes everything is going to be bad. For the Smart Ones save like 2 years of your rent/mortgage money for the Dumb ones just pray.

      Its up to you this thing is slow to come on but when the clock strikes 12 it’s going to be everything is bad. Get out a year ahead of your house and try to maintain everything else will fail so you got to maintain that.

  2. What’s going on Freeman. I am trying to stack up but what if you have some debt left over 40k and you want to pay off? Also do you feel that computer programing is a good skill to have?

    • Man save save save! We got less than a year to stack dough so I know you want to be a good american but save save save. If you can’t swing it let it go and just get a used car that you can buy wholesale.

      Man we’re going back to the recession so make moves that think about stability. I wouldn’t worry about paying things off it’ll be a time to let it go. Get you a good car that you can rely on and let that shit go. You going to be holding a old car paying thousands let the shit go.

  3. Bruhhh, everytime I come to your site and hear you talk, it’s refreshing. I can’t be the only 1 thinking like this!

    • Im starting it back up for the end of 2021. I don’t think it’s going to be good in 2022 so take this and apply it. Look out for the podcast soon but in the meantime the posts will be up

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