Am I the only?

Makes you think huh….. an I crazy or am I the only one who sees the recession. Today I got a letter from the state saying they are increasing property tax whuh? They are trying to put in taxes before the recession! So I got to fight it which would be negotiated with and probably dismissed for me…… the rest of them will just get charged!

We in the last days of this peak and we are dealing with a delayed recession. When it comes people are going to be fvcked up… real talk! They feel like celebrating because they can come outside but as soon as your kids get back in school it starts. They just trying to get all y’all back to working even though the jobs are bust too.

I know I’m not the only one that sees it for what it is. The funny thing is y’alll been with me through the last recession and damn we had two in a year. Damn I feel like saying goodbye and goodluck because some of y’all ain’t coming back. I lost a ton in the first recession and now the second is here to finish you off. Shit I got to move on with my own life and I’ll just be the brother that opened a business and takes my kids to Martha Vineyard from New York.

So to those who ready to survive don’t question just do it. The answer is this is the generation ending recession and I survived two of them. Damn now the rest of my friends will be gone in their 40’s. Soul Survivor should be the next stage of this Podcast/Blog…..


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  1. You are right and people’s heads are in the sand BIG TIME! Would love to hear you speak on all the things u see coming on a podcast if u have the time. And covid aint over either…. These variants are REAL and lot of people not vaccinated. I don’t really blame them, I got it myself but I was 50/50 on it and just said F it might as well…. I am buying more guns, ammo etc because it’s looking like this whole thing might be about to come down.

  2. Bro I’m here in Toronto.
    Ground zero.
    Skid rows are in every single fucking park.
    Rent from old landlords has doubled since last year.
    I see one bedrooms for $2600. Ppl renting empty spots in they living room for $800.
    People buying houses $700k over asking.
    Province slowly opening in stages but I KNOW it’s going back lockdown after summer.
    I just been working whole time.
    Registering companies.
    Buying equipment.
    Working every single day.
    Yeah I cool out every now n then but there’s this feeling I got that if I don’t figure some shit out I’m gonna be FUCKED bro! I can’t shake it man like bitches like me but I ain’t even really trynna fuck like I need money man like this whole shit got me nervous an shit 24/7 lol.
    I have a plan and I’m sticking to it.
    Nobody sees it tho man.
    They at the patio using credit cuz they broke.
    The clothing stores got ppl lined up outside.
    I stay clean but I got day Bart Simpson swag same fit grinding all BANDemic u feel me.
    It’s some shit happening man.
    I’m talking to realtors trynna get links on foreclosures. It’s cryptos about to blow up but man this extra $500 can go towards MY company I dunno wtf them white boys doing like that u feel me.
    But yeah man good to see you back.
    Whole time I’m thinking shit man if Freeman stop doing the podcast the economy gonna spin into Mad Max level poverty n shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Boruh I am finally going back to the grind. I plan to get up to two years where I ain’t worried about shit. This Recession coming will separate people. Those of us who saved and those of working their way though it. I’ve been though this shit before the last recession but this time this some end game shit.
      You got a plan push it through. I like you am thinking the shit that is coming where it is a correction will destroy lives. I been thorough the last one happy that I don’t have anything to pay for. This time I have said my goodbyes to everyone and here in ATLANTA and just have to move on.
      Your job ain’t here, they playing with housing and a lot of people going to be gone. Its going to be some dark days ahead. I lived though it once but this time its even bigger.

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