I’m here and writing again.

I got to get back to writing and speaking and here it comes. I forgot the pswd to Facebook so you’ll have to come here. A recession is coming and I got a year to get you prepared. Stop thinking good time are coming back THEY’RE NOT. The president setting up for the recession what makes you think that ni99a really is telling you the truth.

The 2nd book is telling everyone get ready ….. the recession it’s going to be bad!


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  1. Brother Freeman, glad to see you still out here getting it. Do you mind if I borrow the spirit of your quick/recession proof hustles from back in the day? I’m thinking of starting a blog detailing other quick money things people can try but wanted to ask your permission first out of respect.

  2. Hey, Brother Freeman

    I agree 100%. A recession is coming and people are out here spending & partying. All because the news is saying the country is opening backup. People are going to be hurt 2022

    • People know whats up they are enjoying it while they can. Bruh it ain’t no jobs but fast food, they conning people to buy houses and Biden is passing everything. So its coming so save your money for 2 years because were going to go through it.

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