Ok it started and its time to get the shot and get busy with making money, The goal is to get ready for a year and get a year ahead. You think Im playing that they are going to pull back next year. The housing will have a recession, the jobs will not come back and forget about 40 years old your time is done. Its time to prepare for the future and your time has been used and I hope you have gotten something.

If not oh well you can’t comeback you got to come up with your own way. Your own business and your own way time to go it alone. Feel happy that they gave you a sometime to think it through because were going to go slow to the end of the year. If your shocked be glad that I woke you up but it’s time to move

If you don’t got what your wanted yet and you’re in your 40’s you need another way. If you’re 30 you need another way even though you think you got time. It’s only for the 20s and younger,