Bad/Good times

You want to know what jobs are open bad and good times?Amazon, Airport, Airport services, Taxi, Govt and Customs broker, Freight Forwarder and Truckers. The rest like McDonalds is the job you get when there is nothing left. Get ready for it because you might see McD’s drive thru just to make it through. So lets get something why everything is open.

Amazon is the best job going right now and it’s in your neighborhood. They haven’t been finished hiring and they will have a big hiring now and when the Pandemic is over, You want to get in early so go in right now because everyone not working will come in looking for that job by June.

Airport is the 2nd job that is wide open right now. Security are hiring as we speak everyone bullshitting will be assed out. Now that you are getting the vaccine you should be able to get a job. Now out here in Atlanta there already hiring because they have to screen you. Now this will be a permanent job for a while so you can take this and grow. Don’t forget a driver for the parking lots and rental cars.

Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarder, Trucker and every part of this will be more money. CHB will expire by end of the year, FF will last a bit longer but the Trucker will last forever. So if you’re thinking like me I would get that truckers driver license this spring and summer because you will have money.

Now the rest of them are subject to the recession. Or course McD’s so get in there right now, just to make money. When you want to survive that when you get the other one. Goodluck as that’s my advice for the end of the year. Get it early because when they correct the recession they will fuck the world up.


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  1. Good stuff as usual, but what u think happens when you say they will F the world up? Stock market crash, or more Covid issues? Sound like you see something big on the horizon, I’m surprised the ish didn’t crash harder and for longer than it did last March.

    • Save your money get out a year ahead of time. Things are going to get bad once the Covid is over, Save your money for a year ahead of time and dont spend. Jan 1 2022 is going to be bad.

      Take into consideration how the economy is going go go the houses will collapse your job will retreat and things will get bad, Think of it this way the y are selling houses to get rid of them so they won’t own them only a sucker is buying a house now. They are going down to where they were 7 years ago and I bought my house for 35K now its worth 400.

  2. Stack your chips. My goal is to have 100K saved up by the end of this year. Every day I get closer to my goal. I alway think something dumb going to happen. And until I’m 100% secure I got to keep grinding. I haven’t took a break vacation any of that the past 10 years. I’ll relax when I’m good.

    I know you mentioned dont get the house. but Im one off those guys thats going to get a house. Im looking at what i am paying now and comparing it to rent. If the value goes down it goes down. I’ll have a fixed interest rate.

    The big factor is will I have a job or not. Thus the goal of saving 100K by the end of the year. If everything goes down hopefully I have the money to buy everything up. Somebody out here getting rich when things go down and when things go up Im just tyring to be one of those guys.

    • Homie it’s going to get bad so don’t buy a house. Instead save because houses about to drop you can get the same house and It will ll be cheap. Survive homie don’t spend the money choose to save instead to have money to cover. You wont lose just tell your girl you saving till after the recession. Believe me it’s going to be worth it go and get a better rental if you have to don’t lose 100 to 200K on house.

      • Why do you think it will get bad? Because of the vaccine more businesses and companies will open back up.

        I am curious as to why things will get waste than last year?

        Thanks for the game

        • Man we’ve been off work for a year, bot only us but everyone,Business stopped for a year and the majority aint coming back. Houses weren’t getting paid. CNON bruh you see what I see it’s all bad


  4. Insurance was open and still mandatory in most states to have. I had the best year in business cause of it! Don’t think it’ll go all automated because we still cold call and will take you from Geico to my practice.

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