You want to know what jobs are open bad and good times?Amazon, Airport, Airport services, Taxi, Govt and Customs broker, Freight Forwarder and Truckers. The rest like McDonalds is the job you get when there is nothing left. Get ready for it because you might see McD’s drive thru just to make it through. So lets get something why everything is open.

Amazon is the best job going right now and it’s in your neighborhood. They haven’t been finished hiring and they will have a big hiring now and when the Pandemic is over, You want to get in early so go in right now because everyone not working will come in looking for that job by June.

Airport is the 2nd job that is wide open right now. Security are hiring as we speak everyone bullshitting will be assed out. Now that you are getting the vaccine you should be able to get a job. Now out here in Atlanta there already hiring because they have to screen you. Now this will be a permanent job for a while so you can take this and grow. Don’t forget a driver for the parking lots and rental cars.

Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarder, Trucker and every part of this will be more money. CHB will expire by end of the year, FF will last a bit longer but the Trucker will last forever. So if you’re thinking like me I would get that truckers driver license this spring and summer because you will have money.

Now the rest of them are subject to the recession. Or course McD’s so get in there right now, just to make money. When you want to survive that when you get the other one. Goodluck as that’s my advice for the end of the year. Get it early because when they correct the recession they will fuck the world up.