Start it up again

Hustle will make money way before a job will. That’s what most square motherfvckers don’t know. People will skip money thinking they are cool. Any motherfvcker not hustling will fail in smart people terms any person who relaxes with money better be rich.

You let the shit die just like I did. I forgot about the blog when shit was good but Im back at it. The only thing saving me was I kept hustling but not as hard. But, I did learn the lesson and that is stack to stack money I never forgot that.

It will start small but money is money. You’re smart as your doing it early while folks are paying you. Most square motherfvers are trying to get their dream job but we just make money. That is a key difference between us and them. Once you get the mentality that we just hustle for hustle sake you will never be broke.

So today be happy you are starting and waking up. You’re learning something that will never let you go broke. It’s a lonely road and that’s better than waiting in line for welfare.


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  1. No more audios?

  2. “Hustle ’cause I have to, not because it’s cool.”

    Eyeball any new quick/side hustles for the new year?

    Since everything’s gone digital, I look at what cats are charging $5 for on Fiverr and see if I can parlay 50 of them into a bigger flip.

    • Just save your money the housing is coming up and with the disaster you can move if you ever wanted to live in New York,Save your money and surivive the disaster and then you can got any where you want. Save and survivie it’s going to get ugly by the end of the year.

  3. Well said. Excellent in fact. I appreciate it.

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