You lonely

Most people are out here celebrating not preparing so good for you. You will start to see the people who will be out when it’s over crying; moving away and saying it’s fucked up. Its only one good thing you will see and that’s yourself. You will survive and others will disappear.

You got to have the mentality that you out here for yourself. That’s the way hustling is and that’s why most cats are broke. Shit, it’s a lonely world when you realize you only one you know. Plenty people ain’t disciplined towards these chips and that’s why they never move up.

Be quiet and move, That’s the discipline people will move away but your going to stay. Don’t be around saying you wont do this or that whatever makes money is good.

Hustle and a job is a start but not the finish.


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  1. Listened to you podcasts on and off since 2016.

    Coming from nothing rose up and now I’m set. 2015 bought a house, started my business. High cash flow. Everything is paid for.

    Got myself and my family out where living is cheap. Money coming in.

    They ain’t counting on the ones who don’t play their game over here stacking.

    33 years young plotting my next move to get after it when everyone else quits.

    Thanks for your raw insight.

  2. Don’t be around here saying what you won’t or will do. Get your bread and worry about everything else later. I posted many post about this along time ago. If it wasnt for you basically saying stay the course no telling where I would be at. about 10 years later and I am a different person. suprised its been that long going looking back at that 2008 recession and the fall out…

    I am cool now but I am no longer only preparing for a rainy day. I preparing for full out destruction. I just don’t know what will happen and until I have enough money where I dont have to work any more then the hustle don’t stop.

    Glad to see you back posting.

    • Homie for the life of me all I have been preaching is hustle and then stack. It ain’t about graduation cuz that means you owe loans. It’s simple stack nonet that’s it no matter how you get it from a car wash to stocks it’s all money. Don’t fall for the I’m smart shit it’s simple you think you got to be smart!

  3. Question for the folk:

    If you getting the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, they’ll cut your check if you’re making money outside of it. Would it not be better to stack those chips and then get back into the game when you’re closer to exhausting it?

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