Get on the internet, call people up, and get a job. Nothing else to say about it. We got to be working by the end of this month. I don’t care what the hell it is just make money. We have to get into the mindset of working again and we have been at home thinking pushing buttons was work.

That’s what this month is about getting a job and hustling on the side. Start moving again the sun is out Covid is low and people will pay you for starting their business early. Sell fun times motherfuckers been in the house HUSTLE. Parties. Clubs. escapes will make money.

I say this because there’s only so many jobs! Everyone waiting til they have to get a job will be assed out. Get a simple one like at the pizza shop while working on a big one. I’m talking to you homie because they cut jobs and the only thing making money is food. So while the govt paying you get job and get active.

That’s the only thing you have do the rest will be later but make money for the companions that stayed open. They hiring permanent so if you want something that makes good money go in while covid is still a problem. Get a shot!