If you kinda scared it’s alright we early in the game. Get your mind right, right now; we have to move now. I know I’m going to hear the disease is out but its coming to an end and the job you get is going to make sure you don’t get it.

OK read you have a plan and if not go back and read. The recession were in going to make sure you got to move and think on your feet. No job is permanent and you know this already. Spring, Summer. Fall and Winter is how you got to see working for a year or two. Nothing is permanent so it’s time to hustle not to start a business but to hustle. Your people going to leave and all the fun you had is dead, Time to get into another bracket like I don’t owe nothing so fvck the recession.

So I am going to be on here like three time a week. I wrote this shit so you know what we are in for. It won’t look like it but everyone 35 and older they coming for you. 12 years of recession is going to hurt but if we change our minds we’ll forget about it.

So let me tell you now every job is temporary it’s time to do for self. But, for now get a job that’s what this shit is about but remember you got to think of a business in the net two years. There won’t be nothing for us.