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You got time to get your shit in order. Once they started handing out the shot it’s time to move. They moved beyond the old folks now to the working and that means go to work. Get out there early with a plan because people going to be happy the sun is out and shit. Time to move!

First you can get a regular job because everyone is open by June. A lot of people realize you haven’t had shit for a while so everything is for sale so it looks good. So take advantage because its going to a good summer with everything opening up.

Next, think for once in your life, The clock is ticking away so need to think seasonal. Summer, Fall, Winter aka Everyone is hiring to Everyone is back in school to Merry Xmas. SAVE YOUR MONEY so that’s what really happening. September no more govt money because it’s over so whatever you have left is what you’re on. Christmas is coming up so get in line.

January they drop the bomb so get ready for people to move and get ready for the criminal element til that get old. We about to enter a generational recession aka everyone 40 and over you done unless you thinking. The future is for the kids and you are done.


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  1. Good news, your audio always had that FIRE tho

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