I started off trying to be the best but ended up finding out when I took care of the basics that was it. It was shit and while I joined everyone else time was just wasting. I mean I owned a car, a house and I owned myself at the age of 29 what the fuck was I going for.

What was I going for and what was I going to get? I could buy everything I want and relax. I know your thinking I came up short but I’m from Big Bad Los Angeles so I was getting it. It didn’t cost so much and since I wasn’t rolling with the fags I easily out maneuvered them. It’s all a show and once I figured that out I concentrated on the real.

Man its a CON to want more than the basics. Millions of us are in debt before we even start. We stack and build we don’t win the lottery the way its said to us. We don’t get job that will pay us right we get bullshit. We don’t get right in our 20’s, 30’s and even our 40’s we just our stuck paying our way forever. I’m just lucky that something paid for me and I was happy with nothing.

I could turn what I had at 29 over 10 times and beat everyone. I just had to learn that I couldn’t take exposure with me. All we want to do is make sure the next mfer knows it’s us. Talk about vanity we want motherfuckers we don’t even know to admire us!

I learned alot in the beginning of life. Glad I took my road instead of copying off of them. To this day I’m ahead of them because I stuck to my thoughts. I’m free for like 15 years because I took my way out at 29. Damn I was out there at 28 in Manhattan but in Atlanta at 35. Never paying anyone for where I slept. Damn a motherfucker from Compton made it because I never forgot I was poor. Then learned these motherfuckers ain’t rich. DAMN!