welcome back me?

I’ve been gone for so long I forgot how to come back. As of 1/10 I’ll be back 100% doing what I do. I took it serious Covid and I have been under a rock and behind a shed. Man, people think Im dead or off on a long as vacation. Real talk I’ve treated this seriously and am waiting for Covid to be over.

Covid is almost over and I know people aren’t ready. They’ve given us survival tips like they got it on lock but this isn’t areal tip. This thing is scary and im not bullshitting; cuz it won’t be over,

With that I am writing a book to tell you get back, This isn’t a cure but damn it get away, They closing all of your jobs and we have to think about how to make money when regular money dried up.

Well I fill you in on the blog! Damn I got to give a whole generation of mine direction on how to get out of 21 age group!


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  1. Welcome back, looking forward to the next book. And thanks for everything, if it wasn’t for the posts and game you let out, my family and I would’ve been assed out when covid hit. Instead we got money put a away and is setting up to get a house. Stay safe out there bro

  2. Welcome back. Cant wait for you to drop more jewels. If it wasnt for you I would probably be dead or in jail. It was getting that bad before I started listening way back when. got to the point where Im was willing to taken any job. got a solid job now. And working on making my 1st 100k in the stock market this year. Plan on getting a house this year as well.

    If all goes as plan this will be the last year that I have to work a normal 9 to 5 and 2022 will be my full transition off the plantation for ever.

    Can’t thank you enough!!!

    • Glad you made it and glad you took a chance. We took a chance and it wasn’t hard and we made it. You end up lost when you believe in others, follow others and listen to others. Mfers dont believe in themselves but love talking about it. It’s a funny thing that motherfuckers are happy when you quote someone else

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