I’ve been gone for so long I forgot how to come back. As of 1/10 I’ll be back 100% doing what I do. I took it serious Covid and I have been under a rock and behind a shed. Man, people think Im dead or off on a long as vacation. Real talk I’ve treated this seriously and am waiting for Covid to be over.

Covid is almost over and I know people aren’t ready. They’ve given us survival tips like they got it on lock but this isn’t areal tip. This thing is scary and im not bullshitting; cuz it won’t be over,

With that I am writing a book to tell you get back, This isn’t a cure but damn it get away, They closing all of your jobs and we have to think about how to make money when regular money dried up.

Well I fill you in on the blog! Damn I got to give a whole generation of mine direction on how to get out of 21 age group!