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Where Do I Begin! Simply put you might as well just start all over from the beginning and not worry about it. We hit the bottom, nothing is carrying over, so we need to just scrap what we know. Enjoy!

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  1. I remember when you told me to let go a long long long time ago. I have most things paid off. I few thousand saved up. I can go about a year without a job if need be. I know that is not enough for the long term but the short term I am ok. I got a better job than the last time we were going back and forth.

    I remember when I had a $10 our job calling it chump change. and you were saying its paper in you pocket trying to get me to sta positive. I know the job isnt the end. I invest in stock and if everything goes like I wanat it I will get a rental property next year. I am preparing myself to get out the game so I never have to deal with a recession.

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