They never should’ve told me! Coming up I always knew I wasn’t like them and was really proud that I wasn’t. I wasn’t trying to make war but I surely wasn’t taking their word over my own. Whatever I felt it was valid because I felt it when the situation came up. They aren’t from Compton, they aren’t obviously smart and they don’t know how I see the game. So from a early age I knew I was valid in the way I approached the world.

Over the years I didn’t necessarily want to be different but I saw another part of life and wasn’t going to just say you’re right. Now some may say I’m an ass but truthfully I got here by myself why in the fvck would I accept their way. Now I wasn’t rebellious I just wasn’t going with their shit. I had my own and I lived my own so mine is real and there’s a story.

In other words I didn’t entertain to many other folks even though as I got older all the folks around were telling me this is what the white man does. They thought it was like they got a key to a secret society. Me, I thought I’m going to go make money and I don’t need to be accepted, buy a white or any other way of getting put on to get my own. But, I know alot of my folk think to make it is to be like them and copy so much they get accepted. GOOD LUCK BROTHER! ENJOY!