Everyone is panicking right now talking about TV shows and music like everything is going to be alright! When I was a kid we would act like shooting wasn’t scary. We acted like going to the liquor store on gang axis was nothing. We even acted like someone getting shot was luck and if it happened to me I would “bust back”. SHIT!

In reality we were all scared of the unknown and had to laugh off our fears saying we wouldn’t get shook we would shoot. I sit in this time wondering WTF are people doing not knowing how they are going to make it after Corona. I wonder what kind of people are actually saying there’s no money being made. I wonder when this shit (corona) is over will they just die off. I was here during the last recession and watched New Yorkers disband as they lost it all.

Welp I can’t make you courageous when you got bit by a dog when you were a kid. But, what I can do is get you to realize we can’t sit though this time with HOPE! We have to force our scary asses to take on the unkown and realize being in motion is better than sitting and waiting.

I’m not talking about Corona anymore I’m talking what are we going to do after! ENJOY!

I Understand