Welp I’d better get started on this Recession talk and what we need to do. At this moment you are looking at the news watching how the body counts going up, saying why the store is running out of toilet paper and saying what are we going to do with the kids not going to school!

Welp I can’t help you with that as I talk money and preparation. So this is podcast 1 until all of us are done. If you’ve been with me for 8 years you know I was talking through the last one and what to capitalize on. If you weren’t and you don’t want to go back to 2011 ehh I got some new spit and a NEW BOOK COMING out to explain game.

Growing up poor I had to keep my mind on what I can capitalize on today, what I had to beat other to the punch today and how to be so low that I didn’t spend anything. That was my strategy then and it’s what I am giving you starting with this podcast. It’s a little introductory but like the syllabus they give you the path to learning. I’ll give you the path while listening. ENJOY!

Moving Forward