Why do I feel I said this same podcast before years ago? Time to get your money in place and secure for 12 months. Time to get your babies to eat oatmeal, time to save all your money and time to give a fvck who becomes president as Obama and his good spirit ain’t coming back!

It’s time for the R&G to return to its glory offering opportunities and direction during the bad times. I know you don’t need me when it’s good but like your gramps they say pay off that fvcking house!

I like to be early and not wait for shit to show in the market. I’d rather be here March 16, 2020 telling you to change your mind today, plan, save and build yourself. This is the intro to the change of the times we are living in. You’ve been here before but now you have kids and are you teaching them the same shit that got you hoping and praying.

OR are you going to drill in their head this is the life of all those who have not secured their life, who get deals instead of getting it done, who believe in jobs more than they believes in theirselves, who say certain ways of making money are beneath them and who say we’ll come out of this all right?